Bug Cresent Hammer used on Storage Drawers visual bug

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Lewel Stamp

Summary of the problem Cresent Hammer used on Storage Drawers visual bug

Pack Version 1.3.0

What is the bug? The crescent hammer can rotate storage drawers but it makes the hammer invisible.

Mod & Version Thermal Expansion 1.12.2-
Storage Drawers 1.12.1-5.3.3

Link to log file ???

Is it repeatable? yes

Known Fix remove crescent hammer from inventory and replace to make it reappear. sometimes just left-clicking on the inventory slot where the hammer is held is enough to make it visible again.


FTB Pack Developer
Feb 27, 2014
United Kingdom
Hi, thanks for your report.

There currently isn't much I can do to circumvent this issue. I will speak with both mod authors and see what can be done. For now, if you want to avoid this, just be sure you click the top or bottom of the drawer face.