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Discussion in 'Launcher Feedback' started by Paul_T, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. Paul_T

    Paul_T New Member


    My name is Paul, I'm not just a member of staff at CreeperHost, I own CreeperHost.

    I want to take some time to explain some things about what has been happening, and work closer with the community that's effected by this.

    The beginning, originally, CreeperRepo's first failure was quite simple, just too many people at once.

    Second failure, once the httpd etc had been optimized, was still simple, but a pain to disgnose, apparently the OS it's self had ran out of outgoing port numbers,
    this was fixed by increasing the amount, adding a second box to the cluster and allowing persistant connections.

    Now the most recent one, was an oversight, in my eyes, on both parties, I was requested to disable the second box in our cluster as a few (I was given no figures as to an amount)
    of people where experiencing file corruption, this was done, unfortunately (Although my skype logs do not show them trying to contact me, theirs did) I never received the message to
    turn it back on before peak time came, so once again, the second failure recurred, causing the box to run out of outgoing port numbers, I really should've checked in with the guys at FTB before peak time, I apologize to everyone here for getting distracted.

    What's been done about this is simple, the second box is back, and a third box in North America is being configured (Got to work out some issues with distance regarding SQL yet though)
    We'll also be asking Feed The Beast to provide four links, the first one will be random load balanced, the second will be directly to France, the third to Luxemberg and the fourth to North America.

    This will hopefully, should they be willing also show as a drop down box on the launcher, so if one goes down, instead of being 'stranded' you can select a different machine to try.

    CreeperHost is not paying Feed The Beast, and we're not after making big money here, personally what's happening is, we're big fans of these mods, and we want to help, we're leveraging our resources
    at CreeperHost to do this, it's expensive, the bandwidth needed for Feed The Beast is immense, they use more than our entire gaming network put together uses, which is a lot considering we host
    thousands of servers(We're talking many terrabytes a day).

    Now I know you're frustrated, and some of you are getting strange, intermittent errors, I'd like to work with you to figure these out, we're not file hosts by trade, we're game server hosts,
    these two things are very, very different.

    We'd like to collect diagnostic information together so we can improve on the issues people are experiencing... I'd also like to remind people that files downloaded from CreeperRepo are all scanned for malicious
    code, which combined with the existing signing of the mods etc already included with FTB, provides you a very secure environment to enjoy your mods, our service isn't a simple "host your file", it's a very
    complicated setup which we work very hard on shaping to work with all the people we sponsor.

    Hopefully I won't get flamed too badly, and this community will work with me, and the rest of CreeperHost to work towards the service everyone here (including us) expect to receive.

    Anyone who has any information to assist us, please feel free to send it to us at

    Paul 'Paul_T' Taylor

    P.S. Night before last when it went down, was the first time since FTB's launch that I was not asleep on the sofa next to my PC... Trust it to wait til I finally went to bed to go wrong.
  2. Meldiron

    Meldiron New Member

    Would just like to add that i think you guys at creeperhost have done a great job, especialy considering the circumstances.
    The launcher is a true bandwith hog, the total amount i've downloaded the last two weeks is insane.
    Just to update the launcher and keep the modpack updated on two computers have i probably downloaded more then the total amount i've downloaded to run modded minecraft before that.
    And with the with the releases beeing done live on preannounced streams your spikes must be out of this world (brace yourself for the RP2 release!).

    Not to mention that the fact that you guys actively contact the comunity on your own like this to get feedback just proves that you'r awesome :D
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  3. Paul_T

    Paul_T New Member

    Hoping to get the third box ready before RP2's added... Thinking about grabbing some java development tools and adding my drop down idea (With HTTP header checks for 503 to automatic failover to another mirror) to the launcher and submitting a pull request... But my java is poor at best, only experience I have was working with Citizens for a few months like a year and a half ago...
  4. Karzack

    Karzack New Member

    Thanks for all of your hard work with all the issues lately. Just remember, there are those that are more vocal about things not working and there are lots of us who know this is all new and has kinks that need ironing out. We are patient and know that you and the mod team aren't doing these things on purpose. You guys want the same thing we want. I cool, easy to use/install, mod pack to enjoy one of our favorite games.

    All of the work you guys do is greatly appreciated.
  5. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    How many TB are we talking about when it comes to downloading FTB?
  6. Daxamar

    Daxamar Active Member

    Just like to say Thanks for all the work. Im sure with all the people using FTB there would be some problems. ;)
  7. Paul_T

    Paul_T New Member

    So far, FTB has used according to their stats page around 75TB since launch, but this comes in HUGE bursts, it can go with 1TB one day, then 12TB the next, so I have to plan like every day is going to be a 12TB day, or else when the 12TB day comes, everything will break, note, this excludes downloads of the previous server pack versions, because they changed the filename of the server pack.

    I mean even right now;

    And it's nowhere near prime time yet for the US..

    P.S. They've had around 10 million downloads (In total over all their files)
  8. Syranita

    Syranita New Member

    Must say you have done a great job with it, and i love you for being straight and come out and tell the community what has been going on.
    Also that a lot of downloads, i guess feed the beast is quiet popular.
  9. Paul_T

    Paul_T New Member

    More so than even FTB their selves expected... Over 1000 people download something right now... Most of which are gonna be FTB.
  10. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I didn't expect FTB to be so big so fast, good luck with the servers.
  11. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve New Member

    Wow, you know its really easy to get frustrated and upset when it seems like every time I need to redownload the pack the servers are down, but then you read the OP on this thread and you realize how petty you are really being. Creeperhost is offering an amazing thing for ftb (Which in turn is for all of us) and you have done tons of work to keep things running, way more then any one can rightfully expect you to. I like to leave this post here to say thank you.
  12. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    Paul, that explanation was greatly appreciated. You could have just said "We're working on it, be patient" to the community and provided the above explanation to just the FTB staff to view privately, but no, you went as far as including the root cause analysis and corrective actions, cool! +1 Like.
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