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  1. On the FTB server tab, it says you can download a server pack from the Twitch page, but I don't see where that is.
    I have a Skyfactory 3 world that me and my sister payed on over LAN (from my computer), but since we're both at different collages we can't play together. I wanted to set up a simple server so we can play again, but everything I've seen involves paying for a separate server host.

    tdlr; how do I host a modded server from my own PC?
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  3. So when I open ServerStart, it loads but then says "No java binary in path. Can't run server."
    I assume I have to have the world open (which I do). Does it have to be in the same folder as the mod or something? I'm using the Twitch launcher if it makes a difference.
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    Do you have Java installed on your system? If you haven't, it's required to run a server. The reason the client does work is that the MC launcher has java built-in, so you don't have to download it.
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    For this purpose I’d actually recommend logmein Hamachi, since using a dedicated server would require you to forward ports, which I doubt a college internet connection would allow. Hamachi will create a VPN so you can continue to use LAN mode
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  6. I installed Java an I can now connect to the server! It starts me on a new world though, is there a way to have it use a pre-existing world? and will my sister's and my inventories still be intact?
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    I don't want to rain on your parade but have you had your sister try to connect? Unless your server has ports directly exposed to the internet (which I highly doubt a college network would allow) she won't be able to connect to you. Single player worlds ARE compatible when copied onto a server though.

    EDIT: You can also use Dinnerbone's server status query tool to verify that your server can be found at your IP. Sadly the system won't let me link it due to my number of posts being low, but it can be found easily enough with Google.
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  8. She can't try today, but I'll use the server tool. Thanks for the advice!
  9. So I ended up using Hamachi to connect to the server, and my sister has to download it to, correct? And how do I get the server to use our pre-existing world?
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    Yes, your sister will need to set up Hamachi on her end as well.
    I can't recall if Hamachi will allow you to use LAN anyway or if you will still need to run a dedicated, but in case you do you just copy your world from single player into the server's root(meaning next to the minecraft and forge jar files) and in change the level-name line to be the same as the folder name, which will be the same as your world name
  11. So I have the server up and my sister has Hamachi, but she can't connect. She's in the Hamachi server, but can't join the minecraft server. does she need to log into Hamachi with the same account i did as well as the same server? how does she switch accounts?
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    Are you trying LAN or Dedicated server, and how is she trying to connect, like through IP or is it iust not showing up in a scan of LAN servers
  13. I'm fairly certain it's LAN, and we're doing IP. I can enter the IP from Hamachi and join the server, but she cant. she's on the Hamachi server though. We also both disabled our firewalls to check.
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    If you’re running a LAN server (the one from single player) she should be able to connect without an IP. Did you try a dedicated with IP?
  15. When I load into the server, the 'Open to LAN' is grayed out, so it might be dedicated? otherwise I don't know how to make it dedicated otherwise
  16. I feel like it might be an issue with Hamachi. When I try and ping her it times out, and the ip it shows relayed is different
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    how do i create a roguelike adventures and dungeons server

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