Creating a economy based modpack?


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Jul 29, 2019
Brainstorm with me.

This post will be long since I put a lot of time and thought into it.

This modpack idea is strictly focused on multiplayer.

I had an urge to try and create some kind of balanced economy driven modpack for a long time. This modpack would stay true to vanilla in some regards but add more depth. So this basically means no tech mods. I know, sadface.

It also means there needs to be a lot of server plugins, such as economy, shops, towny etc.


To create a balanced economy where there is a NEED to buy from eachother it basically means NO AUTOMATION at all. Which hurts a bit. I am a big fan of tech mods and automation and I really hate crafting 10 steps and manual mining. But obviously there are people who enjoy it. My challenge is to create a balanced virtual economy within Minecraft, which is really hard. Removing automation is a must. Because it is what makes people "rich" and take care of themselves. This is what I want to try and avoid. Having no automation, you need to choose a path on what to play and what to focus on.


Removing the laziness of teleportation would create a need for a working rail network. To compensate for this if you use mo creatures you eventually get flying horses and wyverns too. I am considering using Flans mod Ye Olde content pack to add the two basic biplanes too as an option.

The only teleportation I would consider is fixed portals at set locations throughout the world from spawn.


The base mods for my modpack idea are:

- Metallurgy / Tinkers Construct
This creates the need for more type of metals and deeper progression into "blacksmithing".

- Mo Creatures
The need for animals and pets creates a profession, such as "tamers".

- Growthcraft/Harvestcraft
More farming opportunities.

- Mariculture
To add depth to the sea and more water content, which I think is lacking BIG TIME in Minecraft.

- Hunger overhaul
To make the need for food higher.

- Forestry
Creates a profession for beekeeping. Some say bees are OP at the end-game which is true. But since automation is removed I don't think bees will be an issue.

- Railcraft
With the removal of teleportation it creates the need of a working railway system. People could pay to have a station next to their home. And the railway company can make money selling tickets, this creates an additional money sink and income for this profession.

- Flans mod Ye Old content pack
This pack adds two basic bi-planes, one and two seater. I have not tested the balance of this mod, but you could tweak it to have planes be harder to make, so there is an urge for a plane manufacturing profession and sales of planes.


- Blacksmith
The blacksmith would focus on metallurgy, create armor and equipment or others. This will probably be the most sought after profession in this modpack.

- Animal tamer
Tames and breeds animals. Will probably be the second most common profession since people would play this to have pets and enjoy the breeding. Since teleportation is removed it creates the need for flying horses and wyverns on the market.

- Farmer
Grows different types of food and potions. This is the hardest profession to balance to avoid everyone to be their own farmer.

- Marine biologist
This guy would focus a lot on the marine life. With the mariculture mod it adds reefs, ores and other things to the sea. Making a dependency between the blacksmith and this profession would create a need for it to exist.

- Bee keeper
If you love working with bees even without automation this would be a great profession since the end game would create profitable items to sell.

- Merchant
The classic buy low/sell high profession. Travels the world for deals and trade himself to riches.

- Miner
Some hate mining, some don't. If you love it you could sell ores to blacksmiths if they do not mine themselves. And in return get money to buy more tools.

- Plane manufacturer
If flanes bi-plane mod is included you could manufacture planes for people.

- Architect
Love building more than anything? If you are good you would probably be hired for work. Could be a viable profession.

- Worker
You could possibly work for other people who need help getting specific items, or chores with taking care of the farm etc.


The biggest challenge I faced is how to create a NEED for other professions, such as farming. In vanilla when you create your own farm you can live of carrots 24/7 and you will never have to buy any farming products. This puts farmers very low on the list of professions people want to play. Some may play it just for fun.

The most desired profession would of course be the blacksmith or the tamer. Since ingots are used for basically everything, and people would want pets. This comes to no surprise if you compare it to real life however. The richest people back in the medieval times (if you do not count royals) were blacksmiths and merchants I believe.

So how do we add a NEED for farmers to exist? Or people working with marine life. Maybe some ores should spawn just under water? So it creates a need for divers to exist and venture down for much needed ores.

How do you create the need to go beyond diamond tools? Metallurgy for example has like 50 levels deep of tools.

Money balancing

Probably the hardest part of any virtual economy in any game.

The only way to make money would be trading between players. But how does money get created from the beginning? Looking at MMOs you get money from grinding mobs and selling things to shops. Maybe there could be public NPC merchants that exist in a market, where you can sell MID-GAME items to earn money. So you will basically run without any money early-game until you choose a path and master it. And end-game items do not sell to NPCs at all and will only be player driven.

But this could also create the stagnation of end-game items if everyone focus on selling mid-game items to make money.

Perhaps a public bank, where everyone goes into debt and starts with a loan?

Money sinks

Taxes are in the real world for a reason, wether we like it or not.

- Sales tax
- Income tax
- Towny plots tax
- Railway tickets

Player shops

Player will be able to create shops at their home.

To PVP or not PVP

This idea is very focused on a NO PVP environment. But perhaps you could add factions as an additional money sink and draw more players.

And for those people who do not want to PVP, you must be in a faction to be able to attack people?

This would also create a need for new armor, weapon, potions etc. for the PVP focused players who will lose items when they die.

But how would a strict PVP player and factions make money?

Perhaps you could sell player heads for money? As some kind of bounty system.


So if you actually bothered to read all this you will realize that it is no easy task to create a balanced, fun to play and working economy with modpacks.

As you see I steered clear from "magic". Mostly because I am not a fan of it and often it becomes overpowered in the end.

If you have additional mods or ideas on how to make this work in reality feel free to chime in.
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Jul 29, 2019
This seems more like an RPG server than an actual modpack. I think you can't force people to play a certain role, e.g. blacksmith, I mean, what would stop them from just going in a cave and mining stuff. A concept like this could only work on a server where everyone is actually commited to playing their role.


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Jul 29, 2019
Yes it will be a custom modpack AND server for it to work.

I did not intend to force people into a profession. The professions are just a loose imagination on how you can make money. Most blacksmiths WILL be miners as well. And anyone WILL be able to play multiple roles if they want. But the configuration and setup would be adjusted to make it harder to master and venture into everything at once.

Essentially the server would be on some kind of "hard mode".

For example to make blacksmithing harder one could use minetweaker and ore generation tools to change the recipes and where the ores spawn. So to venture into tier 2 or 3 in metallurgy would require you to go into mariculture mod for example to get the ores required. Which would require you to be at tier 2/3 in the mariculture progression.

So you would probably not, at the beginning be focusing on both aspects (depending on how everything is setup).


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Jul 29, 2019
You'll have to ditch/replace the Mo' Creatures if you want to distribute the pack since the mod author doesn't give out permissions.
Besides that, this sounds like it would make for a very interesting and fun server to play on.


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Jul 29, 2019
In order to build an economy in minecraft you would have to make people pick roles and lengthen the process of some things. You would also have to make it so that a few skills cannot be taken together. Like a miner could not be a farmer so he has to have a farmer around. But in order to do that you would have to write a lot of code.

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Nov 11, 2012
Something that might help is the Energy Manipulator mod. It basically brings back the Energy Condensor from EE2 along with the EMC values (now called EV). But, what makes the mod shine, is that you can manually assign values to all items, set a tax rate, custom recipes for it's blocks, etc.
I use it myself with custom EMC values for raw materials based on rarity and usage, along with a tax rate and a hideously expensive crafting recipe.

You could use these as part of a shop system, using say gold nuggets as the currency with special shops that will take any raw material, turn it into nuggets, but will only accept nuggets to turn into the item you want to buy. I'm sure you could block the crafting recipe so it's a creative item only, or change it's recipe to be more difficult to craft, or requires a material that can only be accessed via creative mode (such as the vanilla sponge). Gives you the control on the number of "shops" being setup.

Don't really see why you'd need to block any mod with automation though, not if you get the currency right. If you use the EM mod, you could even change the values of items as time progresses as a supply/demand situation. It might even be possible to have a mod that makes the config file for the EM mod that uses formulas to work out the values, which update once a day (on a server reboot). That would be semi-dynamic.


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Jul 29, 2019
Great concept, but difficult to implement.

One thing that might help are server plug-ins that would limit certain blocks to certain chunks. I forget the name of the server plug-in that grants "claims" to players.

You would only be able to place blocks in your own claim and the kind of blocks would be determined by your role.


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Jul 10, 2013
You can have the type of economy that is player supply vs server demand or a supply based economy where there is a made up void for demand by server shops with static values. Its the easiest to setup and probably best for default minecraft because everybody can do everything and there is no market force. Then there is the type of economy that is more realistic but harder to impliment in which player supply vs player demand. Demand in Minecraft is the attaining of something you can't do by yourself or for convenience. Specialization, restriction, and limited resourcing breeds a demand based economy. Roleplay is a logical conclusion.


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Jul 29, 2019
An idea. I played on a server named EaveeCraft. They had a stocks plugin that basically worked for creating companies and making it so you can sell the stocks from the company to others. I'd be into this server if it came around.