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  1. hamoudabacha

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    Summary of the problem Crashes using vein miner

    Pack Version 2.5.4

    What is the bug? If you veinmine a cake, you get disconnected from the server (i run my skyfactory as a server) and if you veinmine an ender energy conduit it breaks only one and counts as if you broke hundreds (giving experience to tools). only tested on ender energy conduits but probably will give similar results on other conduits as well.

    Mod & Version Sky factory 2.5.5

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? hold the veinmine key (console key by default)
    and break an ender energy conduit.

    hold the veinmine key (console key by default)
    and break a cake

    Known Fix dont break those things with veinmine (temporary solution)
  2. hamoudabacha

    hamoudabacha Guest

    Works only when connected to more than one energy conduit
  3. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    What pack version are you playing? In one line you say 2.5.4 then you say 2.5.5 in another.

    If it is 2.5.4 then update the pack to 2.5.5 as veinminer was replaced with another mod.

    Afaik the energy conduit issue was fixed in 2.5.4 or earlier.

    The pack maintainer Darkosto contacted the mod author but got no reply so he replaced it with his own mod Ore Excavation.

    The particular crash would happen when using a tool that broke more than one block at a time e.g Tinkers hammer or Draconic Staff.
  4. hamoudabacha

    hamoudabacha Guest

    It was on sky factory 2.5.5 but there wasn't an option for that when you create a bug report. And thanks for the response.
  5. UniZero

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    We would need to see a crash report because veinminer is no longer in the pack as of 2.5.5.
  6. hamoudabacha

    hamoudabacha Guest

    Here's the log file. It happens around 15:22

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  7. Funwayguy

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    That crash has been fixed in Ore Excavation and a new build has been sent to Darkosto
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