Open Crash whilst Tesselating (Thermal-Dynamics)


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Crash whilst Tesselating (Thermal-Dynamics)

Pack Version 1.11.0

What is the bug? After I placed one Itemduct from the mod: Thermal Dynamics on a vanilla:chest it crashes now client side as soon as I get closer to the chunk its in.
I managed to get the character away from there, so I can still play on the server if I don't get closer to the chunk with the pipe.

I am running this Modpack on my server from Nitrado 4 people maximum.
Haven't tried yet if this only happens to me and for other players.

I searched with google and the amd graphic-card fix doesn't work here for me :/ still crashes when I get closer.

Thanks for the help and time.

Edit: 31.12.17 Another player tried to go there, same error as well for him.

Mod & Version ThermalDynamics-1.10.2-

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? As soon as I get closer to the Itemduct it crashes (client side only)

Known Fix (Rollback to an older backup solved it for me but yea the problem exists)
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