Solved crash to desktop when crafting

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Summary of the problem crash to desktop when crafting

Pack Version 1.1.0

What is the bug? i have had it with 2 different craft requests
suger cane to suger
and speed upgrades from extra utils 2

the crash happens every now and then when i request a craft nothing happens when i click done
and when i check my crafting monitor nothing is happening then when i try to request it again the crash happens

i'm using refined storage and reborn storage crafting multiblock i'm requesting from a crafting grid

Mod & Version refined storage 1.5.23
reborn storage 2.1.16

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? yes it happend 2 times to me just when i want to craft somthing not sure what exactly is causing it

Known Fix only one is restart its a complete crash to desktop
minecraft not responding
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