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Hello. If i attemt to play any modpack and after a couple of seconds when I have loaded into the world, I will experience a game crash.
So far I have tried; SevTech Ages, AllTheMods3, FTBRevelations, and FTB Ultimate Reloaded. All the modpacks cause the same issue, however regular minecraft does not. I'm not the type to ask for help unless absolutely nessesary, but I've run to a halt. I've tried allocating more and less memory, I've reinstalled java and tried the -version:1.8+ in auguments. So far nothing has worked. I've also reinstalled all the modpacks and twitch as a whole several times without sucsess.
I have got this error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
I've also tried some fixes I've seen online regarding this with also no sucsess.
Please help I just want to blow up villages again.
My computer used to run modpacks fine but after having it repared due to another issue and being reverted back to windows 8 from 10 it no longer works.


I downloaded the Old FTB launcher and it has the exact same problem.


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Aug 29, 2014
This is most likely not a bug, rather a issue located to your machine.

Post a new support request in Tech Support (not in this sub-forum for bug reports), and provide a log as well - instructions for getting full log can be found here: