Crash Landing Emergency



I was playing the Crash Landing modpack and, at night, I died for a creeper. When i transfered myself to my clone, i went to creative mode to get my things ( I know i was cheating but I'm a noob in mods.) When i broke my tumbstone my items didn´t dropped!
Can someone help me? I had very important items!


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Jul 29, 2019
next time it happens look in your log. it should say what is the file name of the tombstone inventory so you can restore it more easily. i learned this when i ran a private server on my pc and saw it in the log. it should say the whole command you need to type there so you can just copy paste it

Henry Link

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Dec 23, 2012
USA - East Coast
It worked for me in a test world I setup. I actually had a few items in my inventory. Forced my death and broke the gravestone in creative mode. So I know it works. Did you get the command right? It doesn't want the entire filename just parts of it.