Bug [continuum][1.3.1][EFAB][0.0.37] Advanced RF Storage not recognized (might be resolved in 'beta')


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm trying to craft the ME Controller, and to keep my efab compact I have already crafted my old RF Storage blocks in to the Advanced RF Storage ones while adding new blocks.

With all three upgrades added in to an EFAB, a single gearbox, a single RF Control, some tanks for bridge blocks, and nothing else, it is only possible to craft the ME Controller (in creative) when the 'normal' RF Storage blocks are used.

When I replace those with Advanced RF Storage blocks, to mirror my multiplayer character's world, the error message is the same:

"Not enough power capacity!"
"2000RF/t needed but only 50 possible"

Neither the changelog for versions 1.4.0 nor the changelog for 1.4.1 mention this issue.

However 1.4.0 does include efab 1.0 which has a changelog note that does match this issue.