Comprehensive list of mods useful for server admins.

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    This is a comprehensive list of mods which are installed either to the server or client side only.
    These mods are designed to give server administrators the tools and commands necessary to manage their servers, especially without the use of plugins/Cauldron.
    These mods *can* run alongside Bukkit plugins, if you find these to be more useful than their plugin alternatives.
    These mods do NOT require any action from your players - your players do not need to install these mods to play on your server.

    Got a mod you want added to the list?
    Reply with the name, link and a quick description of what it does.
    Again, this is for administrative mods only.

    Format: Mod Name+Version // Short Description // Links // Long Description​


    These mods only need to be installed into your server's folder.
    No action required for connecting players.

    >>> 1.6.4 <<<

    MyTown // Claim Protection // Main Thread

    This mod offers far more protections than Towny/GP.
    MyTown will not only protect players' homes from vanilla griefing, but also from mod griefing, such as IC2 mining lasers, CC turtles, Blood Magic, and so much more.
    Easy to use.
    Hooks into ForgePerms.

    aPerf // Packet and Entity Control // Main Thread

    I loved this mod back when I used it.
    Think of this - your players set up a portal using the portal gun then log out.
    That chunk is now loaded. Forever. Solution?
    Use aPerfs to specifically disable all portals created by that player when they log off.
    How about ICBM red matter explosives?
    Got one of those black holes floating around your world somewhere causing havoc?
    aPerfs can snipe that entity and disable it. This mod does that and so much more.
    Great for fine tuning your server and controlling a lot of the underlying mechanics.

    ForgePerms // Permissions // Main Thread

    Name says it all. Permission nodes for Forge.

    >>> 1.7.10 <<<

    MyTown2 // Claim protections (a la Towny/GP) // Main thread

    This mod offers far more protections than Towny/GP.
    MyTown will not only protect players' homes from vanilla griefing, but also from mod griefing, such as IC2 mining lasers, CC turtles, Blood Magic, and so much more.
    Easy to use. Currently only uses item based currency to buy claims (or can be free).
    Currently only uses in-house permissions.
    Will use ForgePerms when ForgePerms is updated for 1.7.10.
    In alpha, so feedback is much appreciated (not here, post it in the link above).

    Forge Essentials // Basic Admin Commands // Download + Wiki

    This mod offers several basic, or rather, *essential* commands and tools for server admins.
    It's pretty much... essentials. The essentials plugin many of us used.
    This one includes something similar to world guard, teleport commands, spawn settings, and various modules such as currency, chat, backup, world border, and much more.
    Details in the wiki link above.

    Admin Command Toolbox // Chunk Generation // CurseForge

    This mod is pretty simple - it gives you the ability to generate chunks in the background.
    You define the area you want to generate with one command, and you just let it go.
    I highly recommend using this to generate chunks before players explore.
    This will absolutely eliminate all lag caused by world generation, which is a significant portion of exploration lag.

    Morpheus // Sleep Voting // CurseForge

    Another simple one. Put this on your server and players will be notified and given the option to vote for day when one player sleeps.
    You can configure the ratio of yes to no that determines if day is set or not.

    Opis // Tick Profiling (Lag Finder) // Main Thread

    Must have!
    I must note that this mod has a client side counter-part, but is optional
    (but recommended for admins).
    This mod is essentially a lag finder.
    If you have issues with certain areas, aka players' homes, lagging your server, you can use Opis to pinpoint to the EXACT entity and location that is causing your highest amounts of lag.
    You can then decide what kind of action to take to eliminate the lag.
    Please take some time, however, to fully understand how ticks work in Minecraft.
    This will help you understand what you're looking at when running the tick profiler.

    WorldEdit for Forge // Edit the World! // CurseForge

    What more can I say? It's WorldEdit, for Forge.
    Yes, it works with mods! No more pastes that are missing modded blocks.

    INpureCore // NEI Culling // Main Thread

    I love this one. All that clutter your players see in NEI, such as the hundreds if microblocks?
    Gone. All of them, except one of each kind.
    This is the beauty of this mod. It cleans up NEI, trimming out all the stuff your players simply don't need filling up their NEIs.
    You can tweak the config to your liking, telling this mod what to trim out and what to leave alone. Makes your server's NEI look clean and easy to use. Your players will thank you.

    FastCraft // Performance Boost // Main Thread

    Improves server and client performance.
    No config tweaking needed. Drop and go.
    Experimental, but works thus far for us.

    ServerTools // Various Admin Tools // Main Site

    Various commands and tools for server admins.

    TickDynamic // Tick Profiling // Main Site

    Tick Dynamic is a Minecraft Forge CoreMod,
    which will attempt to maintain a server Ticks Per Second at 20.
    It does this by individually controlling how many Entities and TileEntities update each tick.
    As the server TPS goes down, the number of Entities and
    TileEntities that update each tick also goes down, to maintain a high server TPS.

    SafeChat // Chat Filtering // CurseForge

    Adds a chat filter for blocking certain words.
    Warns/kicks people who use blocked words.

    TnTUtils // Explosion Control // FTB Thread

    This is a small mod aimed at server owners to let them alleviate some aspects of explosions.

    Lag'B'Gon // Entity Removal // CurseForge

    Removes all entities such as dropped items and mobs, both hostile and passive.
    You can run removal manually or on a timer. Will warn players before entities are cleared.
    Also allows you to blacklist entities so they are not removed on a clear.

    LatCoreMC // Friends & Custom Game Rules // CurseForge

    Adds friends lists and custom game rules.


    These mods only need to be installed into your client's mod folder. No action required from the server's side.

    >>> 1.7.10 <<<

    FastCraft // Performance Boost // Main Thread

    Improves server and client performance.
    No config tweaking needed. Drop and go.
    Experimental, but works thus far for us.


    My community has been using server-side mods for quite a while now and have placed enough trust in them that we can safely say that we no longer require plugins to give our servers administrative commands and tools.

    The reason for this list is due to the fact that Bukkit was taken down mid 2014 due to DCMA takedowns. This affected Cauldron, formerly known as MCPC+, which was the server jar that allowed plugins to be used on modpacks. However, Cauldron is no longer being developed. There is now an ever growing gap of compatibility between Bukkit plugins and the latest versions of Forge servers, and thus increasing number of headaches for server admins.

    Server/client-side only mods can easily be lost in the plethora of Curse and mods that are not server/client-side only. We simply don't have the same luxury that Bukkit had with its repository. This list will help separate and highlight those mods we need to run our servers with a peace of mind.

    As a mod community, it is up to us to stop relying on outdated plugins and start relying on what still works - Forge. Forge mods are more than capable of replacing the functionality of some of our favorite Bukkit plugins. In fact, they do better. Below is a comprehensive list of mods which server admins can use to run and maintain their servers. There are two lists - server-side and client-side. 1.7.10 will get attention the most, but I will try to fill in for 1.6.4 since some people still run it.

    Fortunately, a new project called Sponge is in the works and will give us plugins that are built on Forge. For all intents and purposes, these will be the same plugins we are familiar with. It's just that they will be built against the Sponge API which is built on Forge, rather than Bukkit. This is however a WIP. The list here will hold us over until there is enough support behind Sponge to justify switching over to it.


    TL;DR Bukkit and Cauldron is DEAD. Lots of bugs and issues with plugins on modpacks. Use these MODS instead.
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    Seems interesting.
  3. Goshen

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    One thing people overlook is the benefits that cauldron(mcpc+) had is the server optimizations from spigot. Fastcraft can help somewhat in this.

    Server side- fastcraft to speed up the server. No config required it's automatic.

    Client side- fastcraft to speed up the client.

    There are more on my list but I will add them later as an edit(on my cell)
  4. Rebirth Gaming

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    Thanks! We actually use this one, but forgot to add it to the list. It lacks the fine tuning that Spigot allowed for, but this will do as an easy solution for those who just want something that simply works without messing with a lot of configs.
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    With MCPC+/Cauldron being dead, and Forge Essentials latest (1.7.10-1.4.0-beta4) world border causing clients to crash on connect, what options do we have for world borders?
  7. zBob

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  8. Goshen

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    Tinkers construct has a world border option in the config, but I have never used it.
  9. Demosthenex

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    I couldn't find any documentation on it other than the config option. How does it enforce it? Is it a radius?

    I really miss our Bukkit WorldBorder plugin. It was very good at borders and pre-generating.
  10. Rebirth Gaming

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    Try using an older version of it to see if it works. Betas can be, well, unstable. Other than that, I have not came across a mod that does this other than Essentials.

    Also, updated OP.
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    SafeChat allows server admins to block inappropriate words. Usernames containing banned words will be changed. Chat messages containing banned words will not be sent, and the player will receive a warning. If a player already has a warning, he/she will get kicked.
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    TNTUtils: Several options to alleviate the effects from explosions.
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  13. ljfa

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    By the way, INpure Core is client side rather than server side isn't it?
  14. Rebirth Gaming

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    Awesome, I'll add it to the list!

    Quite possibly it could function client site only. It's a library, which is required for the mod author's other mods, which may be why I assumed it was server side. His page doesn't indicate if it works client side only or not, but I imagine it can since it's just a NEI thing.
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    How about LatCoreMC? Fancy Friends system. WIP now, but already have some nice features and growing kinda fast.
  16. Rebirth Gaming

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    Added Lag'B'Gon & LatCoreMC to the list.
  17. RapidHost

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    I don't mean to be a complete idiot but I am running FTB infinity and I used the 1.7.10 and made a coremods folder and put them in there and it did nothing...
  18. Rebirth Gaming

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    They go in the mods folder just like any other mod.
  19. RapidHost

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    Okay thanks I added them into the regular mods folder and nothing happened but I am not sure if this is my side or not as I have been trying to get mods to work for hours like Bioms O plenty and cant get them to work
  20. RapidHost

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    Okay so can you tell me exactly where to put these because when I try putting them into the mods folder it just crashes the server upon start every time

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