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Whitelist Server Community Server|Mindcrack 8.3.2 Whitelist|20 slots| 24/7

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Brendan9967, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Ream

    Ream New Member

    Age: 24
    Country: Philippines
    Timezone: UTC +08:00
    Minecraft IGN: Ream
    Skype or Teamspeak: I'd rather not put it here for everyone to see but if it is necessary I can give it in private.
    A little about yourself: I play for fun and I like experimenting. I usually try to understand how things work and it bugs me a lot if I can't figure it out. I am a funny guy before anything else. I am an outgoing person online and in real life. I like building but I really am not creative on a lot of things and tend to make things functional before they are aesthetically pleasing.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? Thaumcraft is far more interesting for me but I also like automation which Buildcraft gives. Gregtech gives more of a challenge for a lot of people and I believe it is a nice addition.
  2. nicemannot1

    nicemannot1 New Member

    Age: 13
    Country: England
    Timezone: UTC+00:00
    Minecraft IGN: Nicemannot1
    Skype or Teamspeak: Neither
    A little about yourself: My faviroute mod is Rp and im a friendly person who will be active.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? I think BC will be better :D
  3. Valdevon96

    Valdevon96 New Member

    Age: 16
    Country: Canada :D
    Timezone: EDT - 4
    Minecraft IGN: Valdevon96
    Skype or Teamspeak: Skype is valdevon96
    A little about yourself: Been playing Minecraft since about beta 1.8 and have started getting into mods pretty quickly after that. I started off with Tekkit in 1.2.5 and have been hooked ever since. I love to make complicated automatic machines and enjoy a challenging game. I may be posting tutorials for various mods on Youtube as I play on this server and hope that I can get involved with an awesome community who loves the game as much as me. Although I am 16 I am very mature so please don't disregard me because of my age :p
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? Well I think Thaumcraft and Buildcraft are too different too compare because they don't really cover the same type of material, but I do like Buildcraft more, That being said, brain in a jars are awesome :p. I absolutely love GregTech because it elongates the game and adds way more end game that Industrial craft never really did.

    I hope to get accepted and thank you for reading my app :)
  4. Taytaydhouser

    Taytaydhouser New Member

    Age: 14
    Country:United states
    Timezone: central us
    Minecraft IGN: taytaydhouser
    Skype or Teamspeak:Skype: taytayhouser Teamspeak: i have it
    A little about yourself: My family does foster care for kid under 3 who are disabled and we have had a lot of different babys at our house.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? i prefer Buildcraft, but after a while i will start dipping into ThaumCraft. I don't really do a whole lot with GregTech.
  5. Lunocraft

    Lunocraft New Member

    Age: 24
    Country: USA
    Timezone: EST
    Minecraft IGN: Lunocraft
    Skype or Teamspeak: I got both, I'm with budrick97 and Kuramagan on teamspeak
    A little about yourself: I build a lot, play many games, mastered handling wild animals and I'm training to become a blacksmith.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? I know thaum and build, greg is new to me.
  6. TristanGonzalez

    TristanGonzalez New Member

    Minecraft IGN:ThatGamingPro77
    Skype or Teamspeak:thatgamingpro77
    A little about yourself:im a nice player i will gift people every once in a while i love ftb i know how to generate power and stuff like that. i would be a player who is on a good amount of time and will make good builds
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? a rivalry that should not be and both mods are amazing and i love both of them
  7. Evildandis

    Evildandis New Member

    GMT -5 (EST)

    Minecraft IGN:
    Skype or Teamspeak:
    Ill MSG if Im accepted

    A little about yourself:
    Im 13 live in Canada, I love to play & Hockey and play game on the internet :p

    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech?
    When you say Thaumcraft I think Golems. BuildCraft reminds me Quarries. Gregtech reminds me of the game being harder, but waay more fun :D
  8. ChaseNetwork

    ChaseNetwork New Member

    Age: 20
    Country: United States
    Timezone: -7 GMT (Arizona Time)
    Minecraft IGN: ChaseNetwork
    Skype or Teamspeak: Skype is rapierone. I have Teamspeak 3. I am equally willing to use both. Also like Dolby Axon.
    A little about yourself: Technical player, I'm often told that my play-style is similar to Etho's.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? Magic vs. Machines. Machines are more legit. GregTech? Hard mode's the only way to go.
  9. PureEdgeCut

    PureEdgeCut New Member

    Age: 19
    Country: Australia
    Timezone: Melbourne
    Minecraft IGN: PureEdgeCut
    Skype or Teamspeak: i use both, name on skype is PureEdgeCut
    A little about yourself: I'm an 19 year old Male living in melbourne looking for a good FTB server to play on, i have made video's in the past and when i get my old computer fixed (around 2 days) i will start up again, i'd love to have a new server to play on for an LP series, if you wish to check my video's to find out what type of player i am www.youtube.com/pureedgecut.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? i love all 3 of these mods and i don't think they should be put against each other, they each bring things to the game that are amazing, i also love gregtech becuase it makes the game feel more realistic and enjoyable.
  10. Golden Guys

    Golden Guys New Member

    Age: I'm 20 years old.

    Country: United States

    Timezone: Central Time Zone

    Minecraft IGN: Golden_Guy_

    Skype or Teamspeak: zmeier50

    A little about yourself: I'm a Civil Engineering Student with a minor in mathematics. I enjoy working on community projects especially in FTB. If you need a power station for the whole sever built let me know and it will be down. I have played on several servers both FTB and Vanilla. I've never been banned it is just that the sever host loses interest in Minecraft and shuts it down.

    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? I have to say ThaumCraft looks really cool but I have never gotten into it because on the severs I have always been too busy with bees and making power stations. As far a GregTech goes, I enjoy the challenge it adds to the game otherwise it would be much too simple. The only problem that I have with GregTech is the water mill recipe. The amount of things needed to make it for the output they do is a little ridiculous. I mean the normal recipe is too cheap indeed but the machines needed to process the Aluminum is ridiculous.
  11. tntdoesminecraft

    tntdoesminecraft New Member

    Timezone:pacific time
    Minecraft IGN:tntdoesminecraft
    Skype or Teamspeak:davidkond16
    A little about yourself:i like to play mindcrack alot satarted watching etho play it and then everyone part of the mindcrack server.
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech?thaumcraft vs buildcraft i would say buildcraft over thaumcraft and gregtech
    If you are accepted or I wish to talk to you I will send you a contact request on skype. If no skype name is left then I will send you a message on the forums.
  12. Brendan9967

    Brendan9967 New Member

    Theres a new forum post for it. Place all new or unanswered application there.
  13. QuantumBedrock

    QuantumBedrock New Member

    In game Name: QuantumBedrock
    Skype: kylecilley
    Timezone: Eastern Time (US)
    Age: 16
    Why would you like to join? I'd like to join because I've been playing modded minecraft for a couple of years and I'm looking to play on a server with new people and meet new friends, as well as bring my old friends here.
    How often do you play minecraft FTB? Whenever I get the chance.

    Do you understand that if you are caught cheating/Stealing/or griefing other people's stuff you will be removed from the server? Yes.
    Can you Respect Other people's things? are you trustworthy ? Yes, I can respect other people's things. I am extremely trustworthy. I've been moderator on both unmodded and modded servers.

    I love both Thaumcraft and Buildcraft so its a hard decision... Most likely Buildcraft because in my group of friends im the tech guy. :)

    Also I do have two other friends that would like to join as well I've known both for an extremely long time and they are close friends (iJester1218 and Scream4Rob)
  14. Nickbjurstrom

    Nickbjurstrom New Member

    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    Timezone: 8:00 Pacific Time
    Minecraft IGN: Nickbjurstrom
    Skype or Teamspeak: Skype: nicholas.bjurstrom
    A little about yourself: I have been playing Minecraft for about 2 or 3 years and have been playing FTB (mostly Mindcrack) for about 1 year.
    Quick explanation of these mods and what you think of them; ThaumCraft ,BuildCraft, GregTech: ThaumCraft I mostly only research to get the Axe of the Stream and Boots of the Traveler.
    BuildCraft: I love BuildCraft for their pipes mostly :D
    Gregtech: I'm probably one of the only people who like the challenge of gregtech because ive played modpack who don't include Gregtech and i missed some of his machines and the extended challenge.
    Experience with Mindcrack pack: My first and favorite modpack. Can't wait till the 1.6.4 update :D
    Playing Style(Survival, Industrial, etc.): I like a fancy base with wires hidden and a advanced living style :D so like a mixture of Industrial and Builder
  15. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    Age:13 <- Pretty responsible
    Country: US
    Timezone: Mountain Time
    Minecraft IGN: Ethansup2082
    Skype or Teamspeak: Chickencraftowner
    A little about yourself: I like to play minecraft, and learn how to use all thees mods
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? I dont really know them besides a little of watching some youtubers use thaumcraft and it looks fun
  16. Combobander

    Combobander New Member

    Age: 14 on going 15 this year
    Country: Vietnam
    Timezone: +7
    Minecraft IGN: combobander150
    Skype or Teamspeak: contact: [email protected] due to privacy concerns
    A little about yourself: I live stream MMO games, Im more of a FPS gamer but I've decided to take on minecraft minecrack just recently and looking for a private server to play on
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? Technology that normal minecraft doesn't have and machines and stuff that I will soon learn about from the pros'
  17. albatrosk

    albatrosk New Member

    Minecraft IGN:kimcm
    Skype or Teamspeak:yes
    A little about yourself: I like playing on small servers for the community, I prefer focusing on the esthetics on my builds rather than the functionality I guess
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? Fantastic mods, thaumcraft is my favourite
  18. Justyn8144

    Justyn8144 New Member

    Age: 16
    Country: Ontario, Canada
    Timezone: Eastern
    Minecraft IGN: Justyn814
    Skype or Teamspeak: Skype
    A little about yourself: HELLO my name is Justyn im guessing you already figured that out by my minecraft name if not, now you know:p I started playing minecraft around a year ago and just got back into to it recently. I have been playing on those big severs and its not enjoyable for me, i'm looking for something more private.
    Quick explanation of these mods and what you think of them; ThaumCraft ,BuildCraft, GregTech: Im not the biggest fan of ThaumCraft, because of the research. Buildcraft is very basic compared to Thermal Expansion and i do not use it much. I have not used GregTech but i am a quick learner.
    Experience with Mindcrack pack: I have not had alot of experience with Mindcrack, because like i said previously im just getting back into minecraft but love to learn.
    Playing Style(Survival, Industrial, etc.): Survival/Industrial
  19. Divinejrjr

    Divinejrjr New Member

    Country: USA
    Timezone: east
    Minecraft IGN: divinejrjr
    Skype or Teamspeak: (if needed ill pm it)
    A little about yourself: im a quiet person that will play for a few hours almost every day when im not tired
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech? thaumcraft is a cool mod and little bit more usefull then buildcraft but they all have their uses
  20. Minecraftboss18

    Minecraftboss18 New Member

    Minecraft IGN:Minecraftboss18
    Skype or Teamspeak: Skype and TS Skype: FTBAPPMCboss
    A little about yourself: I have played minecraft since 1.5 beta and this mod pack is when I started getting into modded and the new mod packs haven't interested me
    What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs BuildCraft? or GregTech?I think GregTech But I love them all

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