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Common Problems, Solutions and Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Ashzification, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for anyone ready and willing to provide up to date information for my Google Doc that's been circulating with fixes.
    If you want to help me in making the document accurate, informative, and current I'll need a few things:
    1. A description of the problem you have a solution for.
    2. A PROVEN fix for the problem.
    3. This should be provided in English, with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    Also, if you need help in finding a solution for any problems you are having, check out this document. Most problems can be fixed with a little bit of know how :)
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  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    In IRC, saw this as the header:
    [Try installing the JDK to match your java version before reporting problems. FTB Launcher IRC :: Current version is 1.0.7 :: MAC: JAVA 7 BREAKS YOU, USE 6 :: FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/9a895t7 Report Issues: http://tinyurl.com/d7oa43g Launcher Download: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/ :: Please be Patient and Use this Channel For FTB Launcher Related Problems.]

    Can anyone confirm the JDK solution? And preferably, explain why it's a solution.
  3. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Third Party Pack Admin Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    It evidently does occasionally solve problems, and jj himself said he had no idea why it worked.
  4. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Well, that's absolutely no help :p
    My father in law tells me if JRE is downloaded first, then JDK should not interfere with gameplay. Regardless if it does, all you need to do is remove it from the run path (yay flashdrives!)

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