Come Stream with me, we'll stream, we'll stream away!

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by geomap2, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. geomap2

    geomap2 Guest

    looking for someone to stream/you tube with. i own a server and really want to get into streaming. must be dedicated to a session a week or more
  2. DNA3e8

    DNA3e8 Guest

    I am interested. I have done some ark streaming and have 200+ hours in FTB in the last month or so.

    For MC I am looking for a 'community' server. I really enjoy the infrastructure, systems and automation- I would like to be the support for large builds.

    If you would like some of my coworkers may join us.
  3. NextGenFury

    NextGenFury Guest

    If you intend on having a 5-6 players max server send me a pm, thnx.
  4. Jonathan H

    Jonathan H Guest

    I would be willing to stream on a server
  5. Jonathan H

    Jonathan H Guest

    I would join a server with you
  6. Erythreas34

    Erythreas34 New Member

    I am really interested. I have a custom modpack i made myself as well. Its huge so there is plenty of stuff to do.
  7. CMAC

    CMAC Guest

    I'm keen. I don't stream but upload content to youtube. just created a gaming channel as a sub channel. what time would you stream and when do you plan to start?
  8. chaukhang

    chaukhang Guest

    I would join a server with you

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