Open Client crash when spawning a lesser sprite

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Summary of the problem Client crash when spawning a lesser sprite

Pack Version 1.3.3

What is the bug? The FTB client crashes when the ritual completes

Mod & Version Roots (v0.207)

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes

Place four vanilla minecraft flowers in the incences and light them. I've tried multiple different combinations.
Next place the ender perl, glow stone and redstone in the ritural stone.
Shift right click and wait for the sequence to complete.
On spawning of the lesser sprite the game crashes

When logging back in the sprite was spawned and I am able to continue.

Known Fix No known fix I've found.


I was unable to edit my first post but just to update.
This also effects common sprites. I will be testing the next tier soon.
Just takes time to reload the client.


This problem was fixed in Roots 0.208. Infinity Lite 1.3.3 is using version Roots 0.207. I fixed this problem by downloading the latest version of roots, renaming the file to match the old version and then opening the archive and changing the version information in the and in /elucent/roots/Roots.class files with text editor. It's not a recommended fix, but it works until Infinity Lite updates again and includes the update.