Open Client can't find ithe mods.

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    Summary of the problem Client can't find ithe mods.

    Pack Version 1.5.0

    What is the bug? Everytime I try and launch Hermit Pack, it gets stuck trying to look for the mods. I've let it run for at least an hour with no progress.

    Mod & Version mcp, FML, Forge, OpenComputers|Core, actuallyadditions, advanced_solar_panels, autopackager, AutoRegLib, Baubles, bdlib, betterbuilderswands, biomepainttools, BloodMagic, Botania, Chameleon, ChestTransporter, chisel, chiselsandbits, cookingforblockheads, ctgui, MineTweaker3, CustomMainMenu, cyclicmagic, deepresonance, defaultoptions, dragontweaks, bitdrawers, eleccore, endercore, EnderIO, endertanks, EnderZoo, environmentaltech, ExtraUtils2, bigreactors, fastleafdecay, flatcoloredblocks, flighttweaks, forestry, ftbl, ftbu, gendustry, gravestone, guideapi, hammercore, hermitquest, hopperducts, immersiveengineering, IC2, inventorytweaks, ironchest, JEI, jeibees, journeymap, jeresources, mantle, Mekanism, MekanismGenerators, MekanismTools, mercurius, ModNameTooltip, modtweaker, morebees, Morpheus, mousetweaks, mtlib, multistorage, notenoughwands, OpenComputers, harvestcraft, platforms, Psi, quantumflux, quantumstorage, Quark, randomthings, rangedpumps, reborncore, reborncore-mcmultipart, redstonepaste, refinedstorage, xreliquary, ResourceLoader, rftools, rftoolscontrol, rftoolsdim, roots, shadowmc, shetiphiancore, Signals, simplegenerators, simplyconveyors, SleepingBag, soundfilters, StorageDrawers, rscircuits, tconstruct, techreborn, theoneprobe, TinkersAddons, tinkertoolleveling, topaddons, Torcherino, usefulnullifiers, valkyrielib, weaponcaseloot, zerocore, mcmultipart

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? I just Launch it from the curse launcher.

    Known Fix None

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