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Chunk Loading Mining Turtle

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by iRitch, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. iRitch

    iRitch New Member

    Hello again! I posted a question in this forum the other day and didn't get anyone saying it was in the wrong section, so I hope I'm doing this right again! Anyway, on to my question.

    I have been using a chunk loading mining turtle. I normally set it up at night before I go to bed and have it go, but it has never finished. I do play on a server that is on 24/7. When I wake up and check the turtle it doesn't ever seem to go the full distance due to it breaking. It has plenty of fuel to go the entire distance, but I found the turtle one time going through a mine shaft and it was destroyed right next to some lava(not saying the lava destroyed it, only where I found it), and I found it today broken right by a skeleton spawner with nothing else around. The walls were all enclosed. No lava, no water.

    Just so you can all visualize this, I am just making a really really long mine. It's 2 high, 4 wide, and right now it's about 6,000 long. It started at last night 5,000 and I found it broken at 6,000 this morning. It snakes the width then goes forward 1 and snakes the width again if that makes sense. I found the turtle this time broken while cutting in the middle of the wall about 3 or 4 squares from the skeleton spawner.

    I know this thing is not running out of fuel. That part I'm sure of. I'm purely trying to figure why I constantly find this thing broken. Are enemies able to destroy this mining turtle. The code I use that is not completely what I want, but the closest thing I have found is here: http://turtlescripts.com/project/gjdh2g-EnderDig

    If you have any other questions let me know!

    Any and all help is appreciated!
  2. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    You'll need to watch it and see. Usually it wont just stop unless the script is buggy, or its full and has nowhere to dump, or the server restarts for some reason.
  3. iRitch

    iRitch New Member

    Let's say the server is restarting for some reason, would that actually break the turtle or just stop it? I had a feeling that if the server stopped the turtle would stop, but the turtle is actually breaking where I can pick it up and have to place down again. The inventory dumps into the AE storage system via ender chests so the inventory is never full, so I don't see that being the problem. There is still 3 empty drives on the AE storage system.
  4. vScourge

    vScourge New Member

    I've also seen this happen with chunk loading turtles, when I know for a fact it did not run out of fuel nor was the server restarted (I'm the admin). I was not able to narrow it down any, so I'm curious to see if you get any answers here. I did observe that it seems to have no issues if the area it worked in was covered by Railcraft world anchors. Not much use for you in the example you gave, however.
  5. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    The turtle script needs to be smart enough to continue upon server restart. Its not just going to do it automatically. Thats why turtles are turtles. They are only as smart as the urser makes them. If you want more automation, improve the script or use a quarry/bore/etc
  6. Lord Wumbo

    Lord Wumbo New Member

    Wait, does the turtle stop moving or does it actually break into item form on the ground for you to pick it up?

    If it just stops moving, probably something with the script. Just move the mining script to the startup file and it'll always mine until you terminate the program.
  7. iRitch

    iRitch New Member

    It actually breaks into an item that I can pick up. Sometimes it's not even there and I have to completely remake a new one. That's the only question I have is why does it break? I understand why it wouldn't restart or why it would stop. I want to know why my turtle breaks into an item form that I can pick up and put in my inventory. The code I have been using is up above if you feel that it is the script's fault
  8. Lord Wumbo

    Lord Wumbo New Member

    This might be a long-shot, but maybe it broke a silverfish block and a silverfish came out and it agroed a creeper to cause an explosion.
  9. Dmyster

    Dmyster New Member

    Do your scripts take into consideration mobs ? This could cause the turtle to stop and also if they do take into consideration about mobs then it could be hitting creepers and they are exploding ?? I have no idea why they would physically break :/

    Other than someone physically breaking them !!

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