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Chickens, More-chickens, and Hatchery,,, too slow? or just long term.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by deadscion, May 19, 2018.

  1. deadscion

    deadscion Active Member

    I have been considering beefing up the breeding probabilities, because establishing a full chicken farm (all the alloys one would need for tools/machines, etc.) seems to take a long time. What do you think?
  2. Cpt_gloval

    Cpt_gloval Well-Known Member

    Maybe. I find the Chicken Ours stuff to be nothing but a stop at the frustration station. You need to lag the hell out of your game with entities or leave the game running for days to get enough output from them to be able to really do anything. Just not worth it. I'll stick to Magical Crops or Fluid Cows/Tinkers block mold.

    Would be interested in seeing what you come up with though. Good Luck
  3. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    what pack you playing ? if the pack has roost mod it makes chickens more like agricraft seeds that can be put in a roost and just produce resources making them relatively lag free as far as if there worth it depends on a normal world a quarry might be better for most resources on a skyblock its probably worth it
  4. deadscion

    deadscion Active Member

    Just the three mods in the title to this thread.
    If the breeding probability drops below 20 percent, a player can wait 2 realtime days(not Minecraft days) or longer for those 2 miserable chickens to finally breed.
    Magical crops( as in Magical Agriculture) is much easier to config, though.
  5. deadscion

    deadscion Active Member

    Ok, the breeding probability is fixed in java code and I will not violate somebody's code. However, I did some experimenting with the configs and achieved some improvements.
    By changing a few parameters, one can increase productivity.
    By increasing the amount of items dropped and and shortening the time interval between egg lays, one can dramatically increase production and at least use fewer chickens in the chicken farm.
    Note: Contrary to popular logic inbreeding results in higher quality eggs(Strength:10,Gain:10,Growth:10) which will do the same thing but also takes a lot of extra time in addition to everything else required to set up a full chicken farm.
    Recommend you save a copy of the original config file before editting.

    In the example shown one would have to make these changes to each chicken the dev intends to use in a server or private single player modpack. Some chickens will be in chickens.cfg and morechickens.cfg.

    SandChicken example in chickens.cfg file

    sandchicken {
    # Item amount to be laid/dropped. [range: 1 ~ 64, default: 2]
    I:dropItemAmount=1 <-------------------------------------------------- change this amount larger

    # Item amount to be laid/dropped. [range: -2147483648 ~ 2147483647, default: 0]

    # Item name to be laid/dropped. [default: minecraft:sand]

    # Item amount to be laid/dropped. [range: 1 ~ 64, default: 1]
    I:eggItemAmount=1 <-----------------------------------------------------change this amount larger

    # Item amount to be laid/dropped. [range: -2147483648 ~ 2147483647, default: 0]

    # Item name to be laid/dropped. [default: minecraft:sand]

    # Is chicken enabled? [default: true]

    # Scale time to lay an egg. [range: 0.01 ~ 100.0, default: 1.0]
    S:layCoefficient=1.0 <--------------------------------------change this amount smaller

    # First parent, empty if it's base chicken. [default: ]

    # First parent, empty if it's base chicken. [default: ]

    # Chicken spawn type, can be: NORMAL, SNOW, NONE, HELL [default: NORMAL]

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