Check this cool Community out! [WHITELIST. INFINITY EVOLVED, REVELATION] Friendly, New community.

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    Modpack which is being used - Infinity Evolved, Revelations


    I have recently gotten heavily back into modded Minecraft. Hence this server being created.

    There are 0 Banned items, as due to it being whitelisted and having to be applied for we trust that members will get along with each other and form a friendly close knit community, which I have managed to achieve on my Vanilla SMP Realm which I also run.

    The application process is not too difficult.

    There are two ways of applying.

    The ways are as follows;

    Via my discord, which I will check frequently. (Application Template will be at the bottom of this post. discord too.)

    Via this post, following the template below.

    Via the Private Messaging service on this forum, following the template below.

    Via this Form, which I will get notifications for;

    Template -

    Which Server? (Infinity Evolved or Revelations?):

    Do you have Discord?

    What is your Minecraft username? (If your application is accepted, we need this to add you to the whitelist.)

    How long have you been playing Minecraft and Modded Minecraft?

    Why would you like to join the server?

    What is your age?

    If you have any other questions, please state them here.

    Application Discord Server Invite Link;

    Thank you for reading this post guys! My discord is Drew#7585 if you would like to message me there if it is more convenient for you :) (Applying via PM is just as quick as applying via the discord server, the form is quickest, but if you decide to PM me, I will check this quicker) (You can also message me on reddit! There are a ton of ways to get in contact to apply.!)

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