Request Check and see if updating site links and logos is on your Roadmap or ToDo list.

Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by BrickVoid, Oct 12, 2017.

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    @Quetzi @slowpoke I've noticed that the Curse site links and logos still remain in place, but Curse is now owned by Twitch. Is updating the icons for what is now Twitch on your Roadmap or ToDo list?

    Do you want or need any input as to how the new links should look or be placed on a page?

    I would like to see any updates on how the changeover is affecting FTB, most especially if it's in some way negative. I'm not certain what the last position FTB was in as they were halfway through the talks with Curse when the acquisition happened.

    I wish FTB and their staff, moderators, and anyone else who works with them a safe and joyous festive season which is just around the corner.

    Cheers ...


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