Chaos in Wolfville signup thread!


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Nov 27, 2012
This is a minigame I concocted while the fabulous eruantien does his exams. The signup will last for 24 hours, rounded up. Meaning 10AM PST. Signups will not be accepted after that time because of the set number of wolves and new recruits would be proven villagers and that's too powerful. Here's the concept:
  • Everyone has the ability to either watch someone or kill someone each night.
  • Watching someone will tell the player who the player visited and who visited that player.
  • There is an investigator who has a third option: immunity. He becomes immune to night attacks but will be able to see who attacked him that night. As a balancing point, his identity is made public.
  • Order of Operations are as follows: Lynch, Watch, Kills.
  • Kill order is decided via RNG. Lynch still comes first each night. The investigator's block power is fit into the kills section, and as such isn't a guaranteed immunity.
  • There are three wolves, one investigator. There is a lynch. There is no nobody. The only roles are villager, wolf, investigator.
  • Shazam automatically wins.
Pings incoming!

Player list:
  1. RealKC
  2. Pyure
  3. LivingAngryCheese
  4. the_j485
  5. lethosos
  6. fowltief
  7. spwnX
  8. shazam
  9. ljfa
  10. SE37
  11. sorazodia
  12. RJS
  13. Vikestep
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Jul 29, 2019

Should be fun to see how many people try to take out Pyure right away. :D

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Feb 10, 2013

This'll be a quick game for me, I'll use the time to get some other shit done :p

Outta curiosity, how do wolves deal with the investigator if he goes immune on D1?

Maybe the investigator can't simultaneously be immune and watch/kill somebody?


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Aug 14, 2013
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Maybe the investigator can't simultaneously be immune and watch/kill somebody?
But if they wanna just stay immune permanently and create a circle-of-friends, they can do that?
I know peeps often like their seer/slay powers, but guys like, say, Vike (or myself) would just say screw the powers, and use the immunity to start a network of friendship.

I'm not sure this is a huge deal; I guess the wolves get around this by just ignoring the immune-investigator until they outnumber the village.