Chaos in Wolfville! Let's go!


Ultimate Murderous Fiend
Nov 27, 2012
  • Everyone has the ability to either watch someone or kill someone each night.
  • Watching someone will tell the player who the player visited and who visited that player.
  • There is one investigator who has a third option: immunity. He becomes immune to night attacks while guarding. As a balancing point, his identity is made public.
  • Order of Operations are as follows: Lynch, Watch, Kills.
  • Kill order is decided via RNG. Lynch still comes first each night. The investigator's block power is fit into the kills section, and as such isn't a guaranteed immunity.
  • One fourth of the players (rounded down) are wolves. So a 15 player game has 3 wolves, a 16 player game has 4.
  • There is a lynch. There is no nobody. The only roles are villager, wolf, investigator.

Player list:
  1. Pyure
  2. erindalC
  3. RealKC
  4. Lethosos
  5. LivingAngryCheese
  6. RJS
  7. 016Nojr
  8. frederikam
  9. sgbros1
  10. Vikestep
  11. the_j485
  12. VictiniX888
  13. SpwnX
  14. Eruantien
  15. Someone Else 37
  16. SoraZodia
  17. Shazam08
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