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Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by Frosthawk87, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Frosthawk87

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    The initial spawn point of my FTB server is out in the ocean and it's a long swim to land. I've finally found a nice flat area where a spawn village can go, and want to change the server spawn point out to there.

    Now, some may say "Why not just start a new map with a better spawn point?", but the server has been running for a month and a half, and none of us wants to lose all of our stuff over a map reset unless the mod pack calls for it.

    I was thinking of using MCEdit, however, being that this is an FTB map, I don't want it going around not recognizing all of the ores from the various mods, and deleting/replacing them, so I ask you all:

    Is there an FTB friendly way to change a server spawn point? Server commands are a preferable solution, but if I have to temporarily install a mod onto the server to achieve such a task, that's ok as well.

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. DZCreeper

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    Backup your server. Install MCPC+, there should some command that comes with it, our is available via bukkit plugin.
  3. Naolas

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  4. PeachNips

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    Hoping this thread may still be checked :)

    I know its a fair time after the last post date, but I'm looking to change my server spawn point as well, I've tried so many different things!

    I have tried using NBTExplorer (NBTEdit gave me an error while opening level.dat) any ways, I changed the X, Y, and Z to set the block that I was as the center of my spawn, I've also changed the spawn radius in bukkit.yml to 1 (I also tried 0 for no radius) and I've changed the server properties spawn protect radius as well just incase (spawning in a spawn village so spawn protect isn't really needed any ways)

    Still, when I die, I respawn at random locations, but within a certain vicinity of the spawn point, I can't get it locked to a 1 or 2 block radius from a center point! I don't know what else I can change, It's a FtB mindcrack server, we're running bukkitforge for the essentials, and everything with that seems to work fine apart from the /setspawn, which I have heard is not working correctly any way.

    If I've changed my default properties for the spawn location, why is it not updating / refreshing / working right ingame? (I have stopped the server to make changes and restarted after saving changes to be clear)
    It's driving me mad now :/

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  6. kedziee

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    Greets all,
    OK, I stopped the server
    opened level.dat with NBT edit
    changed the spawn coords.
    started server and check the level.dat after server start.

    It seems that the spawn point coordinates changed to my liking, but how can I verify it truly has changed?
  7. cjm721

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    Break your bed and die, or delete your .dat file, or wait for someone new to spawn.
  8. kedziee

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    Yea, good idea

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