Discussion in 'Launcher Feedback' started by ParnaoidApathy, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. ParnaoidApathy

    ParnaoidApathy New Member

    I have looked a bit for a change-log for the couple updates that have occurred and I have not found one. It would be really nice if there is one so I know what exactly is changing.
  2. SomeLuigi

    SomeLuigi New Member

    I agree, a changelog would be really good.
  3. sciguyryan

    sciguyryan Well-Known Member

    It would be handy if this were in the launcher and if there were a way to see what updates were made to the pack and the launcher. It could be quite useful for admin reasons.
  4. BeardlessBrady

    BeardlessBrady Active Member

    I also agree because most users will want to know whats being updated,even if its something small. Maybe have a window pop up the first time opening the launcher after updating it
  5. keeperoflenneth

    keeperoflenneth Active Member

    Was going to make a topic but this seems a fine place to post this, my suggestion is right along these lines. Version numbers on the mod pack. Less logo, more info on the right window. We can see the icon, its very classy, whats important to us (me, probably others?) is knowing whats in my mod pack, and whats been updated.

    Now it would be a tell-tale sign if you see the "Getting jars..." or whatever it was on the first install. But an html table, or some form of information grid showing mods, version numbers and just expand that down the site (similar to the Nexus mod manager for other games if you have used/seen it). You could easily distribute the html page with the mod pack when the console acquires the current packs.

    Along these lines also would be nice for a check box that basically says "do not refresh" or something, and would keep whatever mod pack you used last "loaded" so you can just play (still authenticate, yes but not wait on the mod packs). That or as i mentioned responding to another post, the personal "local" mod packs would be awesome as well. The idea behind this feature would be when you tick the box, you keep FTB, or maybe your local created combo of mods if this were implemented, loaded and ready to rock and roll. Then say an update occurs, you (the user) would be responsible at that point for knowing when an update occurred, untick your box at which time the launcher would proceed as it does now and get the "new list" of packs.

    I also feel its worth noting the issues that inspired these thoughts/ideas. Today i logged in, could not acquire the packs (red error in console). Didn't bother reporting because hey, one run, might be a fluke. Sure enough, it was. Second try console says "Adding pack 0" which would be FTB (assumed). since this is the FTB launcher, i don't see why it needs to get a fresh list of the same thing installed on the game already when i have no intention of modifying the files, and the only thing i need to do to legally log in and get my (very handsome Iskander) skin is authenticate and load away.

    (and don't get me wrong, i dont want this to sound like complaints, i love the launcher, but part of my job is developing user experience for web interfaces. these are just my thoughts ;) )

    1 change log please. <3
    2 "dont update my current modpacks, just use the last one i ran" option
    3 notification of an update upon mod packs updating prior to downloading new mod lists
    4 personal, local, undistributable mod combos
    5 i love you FTB team/mod authors. you take an amazing game beyond words.
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