Can't remember the name of a pack, a great one



I made a post like this a year ago ish trying to find the name of a certain pack I used to play. I had an absolute blast, my favorite pack hands down. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

I believe the pack I'm looking for was a third-party pack that I found after the Curse merger. This particular pack was really like no other, it completely overhauled how Minecraft was played. You started off with nothing but a book, and your first objective was to gather sticks and stones that were flat items, which were layed on the ground. You could build rudimentary tools to start with, but they didn't do a lot of good in terms of mining.

Your first venture into metallurgy was through the collection of various minerals that layed on the ground, which you could find in groups occasionally, much like the stones. I very clearly remember one of the mineral names, which was Limonite. You could smelt these minerals down and pour them into various clay molds, but to do so required a kiln. This kiln was an in-ground multi-block, which could be used to also fire clay jars and pots. I believe I remember you could only build ceilings about 3 blocks wide when using dirt, so I think Enviro-mine may have been involved.

On the subject of food, I clearly remember planting Bell peppers and a season cycle. Food was ultra important, considering there was an in-game tab specifically for your nutrition.

Lastly, I believe it was related to terrafirmacraft, but the pack was heavily based around a hardcore questing system.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask for more info.
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