Open Can't put items in inventories


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Mar 30, 2015
Since restarting my machine this morning, I'm unable to place items in inventories. Instead, as soon as I left-click on the item that I want to move, it acts like I've hit 'Q'. (I have checked my key-bindings, just to make sure I didn't somehow remap those without entering the key-bindings control panel). I can get around this by using Crafting Stations next to a chest, but my hoppers are inaccessible, any stand-alone chest is inaccessible, and moving stuff around in my inventory has become cumbersome.

The last thing I did before shutting down was start making the pure crystals (4 each) for AE2.)

EDIT: And of course, as soon as I post this, it stops happening. But if anyone has any ideas as to what made it start, let me know. >_<