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Can't join the server?!

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Slayhaxzor, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Slayhaxzor

    Slayhaxzor New Member

    Hey everyone!

    When i try to join my server it says something about that i need some mods before i can join?! I join the server with the FTB launcher so how do i fix this?

    This is what it says whe i try to log into the server
    Forge Mod Loader coudl not connect to this server
    The mods and versions listed below could not be found
    They are required to play on this server

    ThermalExpansion:Core :
    GregTech_Addon : MC142_V2.03b
    ExtraBees : 1.4
    TwilightForest : 1.12.2
    ThermalExpansion:Factory :
    ThermalExpansion:Energy :
    StevesVarts : 2.0.0.a19
    ModularForceFieldSystem :
    factorization : 0.6.9 ____
    Please heeeelp!

    Thank you!
  2. aanthony3

    aanthony3 Active Member

    Can you provide any more details, what mods are missing etc?
  3. MektonZero

    MektonZero Active Member

    The updated client isn't going to work anywhere that hasn't updated their server yet. One client mod is gone, Extra Bees, another is disabled by default, Greg Tech, but enabled by default on the current Server download. By my count another mod is gone as well but I'm not sure which one it is. Unfortunately for users, there is no option to roll this back so you can still play on servers who haven't updated yet.

    Might be nice if we got an info box telling us what changed before asking if we want to update FTB.
  4. jeeringsole

    jeeringsole New Member

    Are the updated server files even out yet?
  5. Taladan

    Taladan Member

    The full list:

    enderstorage = upgraded
    extrabees = removed
    factorization = upgraded
    gregtech = upgraded & disabled by default
    mffs = upgraded
    stevescarts = upgraded
    thermalexpansion = upgraded
    twilightforest = upgraded
  6. Slayhaxzor

    Slayhaxzor New Member

    This is what it says when i try to log intro the server:

    Forge Mod Loader coudl not connect to this server​
    The mods and versions listed below could not be found​
    They are required to play on this server​
    ThermalExpansion:Core :​
    GregTech_Addon : MC142_V2.03b​
    ExtraBees : 1.4​
    TwilightForest : 1.12.2​
    ThermalExpansion:Factory :​
    ThermalExpansion:Energy :​
    StevesVarts : 2.0.0.a19​
    ModularForceFieldSystem :​
    factorization : 0.6.9​
  7. fableNL

    fableNL New Member

    i have same probleem
  8. MektonZero

    MektonZero Active Member

    Yep, since Extra Bees is off the server list.
    Yep, they haven't updated and until your mod list matches that one exactly, you can't connect. You'll have to manually install all those mods and delete your current versions to play.
    Yes, the server pack in the launcher is updated in the info, apparently you can't download it at the moment. Easy way is to check the version of a mod we know has changed, like Greg Tech being 2.07 now. Unfortunately, Greg tech is enabled by default for Servers. Which could cause some issues, especially for existing servers with Greg Tech machines already in them. Another thing I'm sure will be fixed shortly.
  9. chronno

    chronno New Member

    My users are getting the same mod errors when trying to log in. I've downloaded the latest server files from this website, but they still cannot connect in. Has the server been updated yet?

    Edit: I have not updated my client yet I'm still able to log into the server
  10. schrombomb

    schrombomb New Member

    The server download just came down from the front page of the site. I'm assuming this is going to be replaced with an updated server shortly.
  11. chronno

    chronno New Member

    It seems they removed the server download link from the launcher (or they moved it where I can't find it). Seems I'll have to wait until they update the one on the main page.
  12. sharpshooter6638

    sharpshooter6638 New Member

    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM It says that when i join most servers, even the ones that are automatically on my list of servers, the same thing happens to me on the technic launcher!
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