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Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by Arkeus121, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Arkeus121

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    Summary of the problem can't craft chunkloader upgrade

    Pack Version REVELATIONS 1.8.0

    What is the bug? The opencomputers chunkloader upgrade isn't craftable (not sure if bug or intended but I couldn't find a config to enable it so i'm guessing it could be a bug) considering the nature of open computers robots and drones however I think these should be enabled as ftbutilities chunkloading can't be transfered on to the location of a block, let alone a moving one.

    After a little further testing with a spawned in chunkloader upgrade in a robot there are no issues caused by this it seems.

    Mod & Version opencomputers (minecraft 1.12.2 - )

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? search for chunkloader upgrade in JEI and/or place items in a crafting grid respective to the wiki descriptions

    Known Fix
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  2. TheMadCat

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    They may have disable it because FTB Utilities allowing set chunk loading
  3. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Guest

    I think this is likely what happened too, the reason I still brought this matter up is because opencomputers allow you to program robots and drones to move around from chunk to chunk.

    In this situation the advantage of the chunkloader upgrade is that it allows you to chunkload where ever the robot/drone moves to, using ftbutilities for the same job would require you to travel ahead and pre-chunkload all of the chunks. This is impractical as it makes automated operations such as these too complex and requires a lot of chunkloading that servers may not be able to handle.

    In short, OC's chunk loader upgrade allows automated movement of which chunk is loaded. FTB utilities does not.
  4. TheMadCat

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    I'm not seeing it in black list for JEI jei\itemBlacklist.cfg and I see recipes in opencomputers\ file. (See below)

    Just for fun try crafting it.

    ----- file

    chunkloaderupgrade {
    input: [[ingotGold, blockGlass, ingotGold]
    ["oc:circuitChip3", eyeOfEnder, "oc:circuitChip3"]
    [obsidian, "oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted", obsidian]]
  5. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Guest

    I actually did this already to no result, in the original thread I mention how to replicate, well it follows the same recipe as the config file. I also found the same thing when searching the files for a way to enable it if possible but seeing nothing obvious that would actually enable it I decided against changing anything in case I broke stuff.
  6. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Guest

    In the config there's also a peaceful mode recipe that I've attempted as well.
  7. TheMadCat

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  8. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Guest

    I'll put it to them thanks for the suggestion - and your time
  9. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Guest

    Before I was going to make a bug request I started up DW1.10.0 which has the same exact version of opencomputers and the crafting recipe works fine on there, so I think it must be a unique case with this pack
    Even if this was initially disabled as it is another type of chunkloader I would like to see it added back in please.
  10. Ben85

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    Thats probably because FTB...

    The Recipe works fine in OC Standalone. Also as stated it doesnt help to a have fixed chunkloader for a moving thing like a robot.

    If you want to enjoy opencomputers you should play a pack which also adds some addons, not only plain OC.

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