Can Mobs spawn in loaded chunks (loaded with Chickenchunks)?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MaxiZ_007, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. MaxiZ_007

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    I'm asking myself, if it is possible to build a Mobfarm (without any spawners or other tech) and load these chunks with the chunkloader from chickenchunks. I have tried this right now and it doesn't seem to work. Do mobs not spawn in the loaded chunks while there isn't any player nearby? Or is there an other way to solve this problem? Opis is telling me that the enitities in these chunks stay, but no are spawning. Is the reason of this problem how MC is coded?
    (I'm using the DW20 pack)
  2. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    For mobs to spawn naturally a player has to be within 128 blocks. This prevents the "keeping it chunkloaded" mob farm. There are however a few ways around this. This first is to use cursed earth from extra utilities. This forces spawns and doesn't let mobs despawn. The next is to use the mfr auto spawner. This allows you to spawn a specific mob at the cost of energy and "mob essence" which is basically XP. The next way is to use an upgraded soul cage from soul cages 2. This allows you to spawn a specific mob at no cost but is very expensive and has to be upgraded with a nether star to make it work without a player. Hope this helped!
  3. kaovalin

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    From my experience (though I dont have the most up to date version) cursed earth wont spawn things when no one is on the server even if chunks are loaded. I have the version where the generators were first added and cursed earth doesnt burn when lit by torches and hidden from the sun.

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