Building techniques and styles


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Jul 29, 2019
G'day Builders of Feed the Beast!
Me' apologies for a bad thread, cant get half of the tools to work as I want them to.
We've all had it. That time when we just can't come up with something creative and an interesting way to build. What blocks shall we use, what style shall the building be built in. Medieval, japanese, mayan, modern, industrialized? It's usually something that doesn't feel right about your build, at least for me, but 'ey, I guess you're your own worst critic.
In any case, I made this thread to... Organize peoples different styles and creations, and try to sort them into different sub-categories. This will be a chanse to show your masterpieces, as well as give inspiration to others.
So yeah, if you decide to post a tutorial/screenshots etc of your builds here, dont get upset if you suddenly find someone using your style!
So yeah, if ye' folks are interested I'm more than willing to try and keep this post organized, using major spoilers to sort buildings into different categories, and then inside of the major spoiler, I'll post the user's name and a spoiler underneath it. That spoiler will contain the user's creation inside said style (Major spoiler). Whoa, that got confusing... In any case, feel free to chip in with ye'r creative masterpieces, or just what blocks you find to match eachother like peanutbutter and jelly, like Sam and Frodo, Merry and Pippin!
Oh yeah, just incase ye' think this is in the wrong section, I might be wrong on this, but this is a place to show your creations and contraptions, and since I consider a building a creation, it fits here.
So yeah, get posting, if you include screenshots, GREAT, if not, MEH, will do.
Let's give everyone who lacks creativity an inspirational push!