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    Hello, couldn't find anywhere else to put this thread, so please relocate it if it doesn't belong here. What i want to do in here is basically post all bugs and issues that i found and will find in the FTB pack Unstable, as i am doing a play-trough of it. I'll just update the main post if i find anything new.

    1 - Quite often i get stuck in bed? Like every 4 times or so, I get in bed to sleep trough the nigh, the view gets darker, it kicks me out of the bed, but with the sleeping screen still on, and from there i can't do anything, i can press leave bed button all i want, i does nothing, i tried to teleport away, but as soon as i pressed leave bed again it teleported me back next to my bed. Have to force-close the game and reopen for it to work.

    + - my world just got corrupted after the last force-close, i know that it's not the modpacks fault, but after i restored my world noticed that there may be some item id problem with the mod "Forestry" . All my forestry machines got replaced with random wood and candles, some got deleted entirely.

    2 - I crash as soon as i hit a Industrial Craft 2 cable. This is a known problem i think, but the posts i saw was quite old. The solution i found was to use mechanical miner to break the cable, have only done it a couple times, with no crashes though. Otherwise as long as you don't misplace them and don't touch them they seem to work fine.

    3 - Deep resonance tanks cause a crap ton of TPS lagg. It basically spams the console (I don't have the exact line now, but it was something about it trying to register whilst it was already being registered)

    4 - Transfer nodes doesn't seem to work with mining or pumping liquids with any of the upgrades combination.

    5 - There's some id problems with the mod "Quark" as well. Well maybe it's not the mods fault, maybe everytime you generate a new world it assigns new item ids i don't know, but basically there's random patches of thatch stairs in my nether. I'm not sure what it replaced.

    6 - Very very annoying bug with IC2 cables again :( I was building fun forestry power gen, when i noticed that my cables wasn't connected to the bio generators, so as i can't break the cables without crashing i replaced the generators and it seemed fine, until now i come and i see this..( i cant put a link to the image, so i uploaded it) This is not a visual glitch, the generators are hooked up now and it doesn't transfer power.... This is especially annoying because there are no other ways to transfer EU currently.
    Update 1 - after relogging they do connect into one line again, tough they dont connect to the machines. This does happen both with gold and copper cables, so i assume it happens to all of them.

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    to point 1:
    it is a bad vanilla bug. Yes indeed. A bug in vanilla 1.10. We have to wait until Moyang fixes it. I have seen it most often after teleportation so i save / relaod after that.
    to 2: it is a well known bug in IC2 . i reorted it as an issue there, but they are very slowin fixing it . There are a lot of bugs in IC2....
    to 6: dto. After coming from the nether or something smilar, the cables LOOK disconnected (but are not). Simply relog and everthing is fine. or ignore it. One of the issues in IC2.....
    for the next reports use this thread: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/alpha-unstable-pack-bug-reports.42413/ as the modpack builders look only there.
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    Hey pal :) i can definatelly assure you that the 6th problem is not only a visual glitch, all my bio generators are generating eu, their capacity is full but they are not transfering the power to the electical engines :)

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