Open Botania Functional Flower "Orechid Ignem" not working

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  1. Sorbe

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    Summary of the problem Botania Functional Flower "Orechid Ignem" not working

    Pack Version 2.5.5

    What is the bug? While you can successfully craft the Orechid Ignem which is supposed to convert Netherack to various nether ores, it does not work.

    Attached are photos of both broken Orechid Ignem and working Orechid (Evolved) plants
    next to filled/bound mana pools. The results on Netherack and Stone (respectively) are shown.

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes.

    Known Fix None.
  2. Sorbe

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    Given that most of the Nether Ores are not in SF 2.5 currently, perhaps it's best to remove Orechid Ignum entirely from the game (and Lexica Botanica book).
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