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BoP in Default Worlds

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by VaultTec_CEO, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. VaultTec_CEO

    VaultTec_CEO New Member

    As the title states, I created a world with all default settings in the Direwolf20 pack for 1.6.4 because I still like to see the vanilla biomes fairly often and didn't want the bop terrain to generate a lot. Will this option get rid of all BoP biome generation? Even items and things like nether biomes? If so, can i work around this without having to start a whole new world, such as making a mystcraft age.
  2. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Hmm in the past BoP has been disabled as default in the modpack. So if this still holds true and you didnt enable it n the launcher, then no you will never see any of its content. However I do believe it is possible to keep it disabled, create a world, discover a bit of area around your spawn with default biomes. Close game, enable BoP and then all new areas explored will be generated using BoP. Might make some weird biome transitions between the default and the BoP generated areas though.
  3. VaultTec_CEO

    VaultTec_CEO New Member

    I checked, it is enabled in the pack, at the point in my world I haven't explored much, however the only non vanilla biome I've found was one Magical forest biome in the middle of an ocean, however it was filled with thaumcraft trees so I didn't think it would be from Biomes o' plenty
  4. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Unless you pick the "Biomes 'o Plenty" world type when you created the world, you won't see BoP biomes in your world. The magical biome you saw is from Thaumcraft, not BoP.
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  5. VaultTec_CEO

    VaultTec_CEO New Member

    That's unfortunate, does anyone know if BoP pages spawn in chests/dungeons/structures? so i can at least construct an age with BoP pages, hopefully there's no limit to biome pages per age
  6. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    Are you sure you enabled BoP? You may want to do that before exploring more. Your world type may still be default, but you will have the items and such available. And possibly pages. I wouldn't know, I've never played mystcraft.
  7. VaultTec_CEO

    VaultTec_CEO New Member

    Yeah, i'm positive. I had a previous world that was crappy with BoP enabled. I love my current world but i may just disable all the biomes i dont want in the config and do BoP terrain again
  8. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    The mod itself is enabled in the 1.6 packs. It wasn't in the older ones. Only a few of the BOP biomes are enabled in the configs of the new packs. I think the DW20 pack only had around 5 enabled. I'm guessing they enable certain ones so you can find the BOP gems you need to get to the promised land and access amethyst. In order to get BOP biomes in your world, you have to go into the options when you create a world. In the same place you can set starter chest, structures, and cheats, you can adjust the biomes. The options are default, flat, large biomes, and BOP. Without selecting BOP here, you won't get BOP biomes in your world. It has nothing to do with the mod being disabled.

    If you didn't generate the world with BOP terrain gen, but have not disabled the mod, you should still find mystcraft pages for the BOP biomes. I find them in Horizons and DW20 pack for biomes that are not enabled in the configs to be in the world gen. Even though I will never find them in my world, i can create new worlds with them so I would think the same would be true for your world.
  9. VaultTec_CEO

    VaultTec_CEO New Member

    so i found a config option for biomes o' plenty in the terrain config, and enabled an option for bop generation in default worlds. so both are possible :) after the ugly initial transition of vanilla biomes into new bop biomes ofcourse
  10. SmirkNMerk

    SmirkNMerk New Member

    I've noticed since the DW20 pack update that only a few biomes are generating. I have BOP enabled but I'm only seeing a about 6 or 7 biomes out of the 80+ generate. How do I fix this? I also noticed that an alert says my Biomes O' Plenty version needs to be updated? Does the update from the pack handle that or do I do it manually?
  11. John.E

    John.E Well-Known Member

    You can safely ignore the BOP update status. The version coming with DW20 is the development version of BOP but the BOP version checker doesn't seem to understand that it is the most up to date version.
  12. SmirkNMerk

    SmirkNMerk New Member

    Thanks for the info. How do I get more variety of biomes to generate? I'm only seeing 6-7 out of the 80+ that should be generating. It seems to have narrowed down after the last pack update.
  13. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    You will have to edit the config file for BoP that controls biomes.

    WARNING: Turning on/off biomes in an existing world will create very ugly chunk boundaries where new chunks are generated once new biomes are enabled!
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