Blood Magic in 1.8+: Beating the Grind

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    Okay, so I think we all know that Blood Magic has a reputation for being particularly 'grindy', you need to basically sit there and stab yourself repeatedly ad infinitum for a very long time, and it is very boring and tedious and needs to be done to get to the fun point where you can automate things a bit more.

    Yea, I didn't enjoy it much either. However, I've discovered a way to dramatically minimize this early grinding, and also give you a very useful resource for both blood and will generation.

    What you will need:​

    • Sentient Sword is assumed to be something you have already done. Quite frankly, it should be the first thing you do in this mod anyway.
    • A means of moving mob spawners. This could be the Moving Wand from Too Many Wands, this could be creating powered spawners from EnderIO, there's several ways to do this, you only need one
    • A means of lighting the area within and/or turning off the spawners. I'm going to be using redstone lamps. Wireless redstone a plus, but not required.
    • Some basic building supplies
    • A means of pushing mobs into an area is a plus for efficiency, but not strictly necessary
    I, personally, use the following mods for this build:

    • Blood Magic (obviously)
    • Dark Utilities
    • RFTools
    • Too Many Wands
    • ExUtil2
    • Quark
    But as long as you can get things done in a similar manner, whatever works for you!

    Step 1: The Beginning

    First off, you need a Tier 2 Blood Altar. The Dagger of Sacrifice requires a Tier 2 altar, so you'll need to poke yourself just a bit to get a Tier 2 altar. That's 16 blank slates in total you have to manually create. Use a Blood Letter's Pack if you want to get through this faster. You don't need any Runes of Sacrifice yet, we'll get those going once we get our system up and running.

    Now then, on the Blood Altar, Shift+ Right Click a half-slab to place it on top. You should see roughly a half-slab's worth of space between them. Build this platform out one on either side, then back a row, so you have a 3x2 platform directly above your altar.

    For purposes of this build, when I say the 'front', I am talking about the three blocks that you can stand on runes while facing the blood altar. This is going to be where you will be standing.

    Now then, take your light-obscuring block of choice (I am using Dark Glass from ExUtil2, but EnderIO also has a good Dark Glass. I do this so I can show you what I am doing easier, but if you simply want to use cobble to do this next step, it is absolutely fine) and surround the platform with full-blocks, except the three directly in front of the platform . The next row up will be a fully completed 5 x 4 of solid full blocks.

    This should give you an area you can stand on which is adjacent to the blood altar, but cannot be hit by mobs. It should also give you a half-block you can attack through. It should probably look something like this:


    Step 2, the grind-o-matic

    Now we need the platforms the spawners will sit on. I'm only going to be using two spawners, but you can put in a whole bunch more if you have them. The more spawners you have, the steadier the flow of mobs will be. To make things even, I'm going to be going to be doing things slightly inefficiently, you can stack in a whole bunch more spawners than I am doing here if you like.

    Go out four blocks from the center of the front and back of the mob trap. This is the point at which I will be placing the actual spawner. To maximize spawn capacity, go in a 4 block radius around it to create a 9x9 platform.


    Now build walls around this platform three tall. On top of this wall, put a half slab. Then roof over with the half-slabs. We use half-slabs because mobs cannot spawn on them, and we do not want mobs to spawn on top of our grind-o-matic. You can use any opaque block which mobs do not spawn on if you like.


    Now we do our 'off switch', and by that, I mean the lighting. Use Redstone Lamps. The ones on the outside are going to be two blocks out from the two walls, the internal ones are five blocks closer to the center of each of them, giving you eight redstone lamps lighting everything up.

    Then we wire them up. Personally, I use EnderIO conduit because it works, but you can use any redstone wiring system you like.


    Now run your redstone wiring system down to the front of your system. Personally, I like to simply use RFTool's Redstone Transmitter and Receiver, but that's just me.

    Step 3: Mob Spawners and Guidance

    Having made the area entirely lit up, it is now completely safe to add in the spawners. Personally, I use the Too Many Wands Moving Wand, but there are many different systems you can use to move spawners and/or create mob spawners which function automatically (i.e. Auto-Spawners from EnderIO).

    Now, we need to find a way to push the mobs into the center. Personally, I've become a huge fan of Dark Utilities, but you can just use vanilla water if you like.

    I use the yellow vector plates in the back, and green vector plates closer to the mob holding pen, so they don't overshoot the gap.

    Note how the ones directly 'behind' the mob spawner point sideways so a mob doesn't get caught on the spawner. Also, each spawner got a green vector plate on top to pitch it off.

    In conclusion

    This is a simple little build that goes on top of an altar. It doesn't even need to be your main altar. But this gives you all the blood you need to get going MUCH faster. In addition, you can also farm Wills here at the same time, because it is going to be providing zombies WAY faster than your consumption will be


    This can be done the moment you hit Tier 2, so you can set up slate automation and just start cranking out the LP. And if you don't need LP, pull out your Sentient Sword and fill up on Wills!
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    As per always, pure genius @ShneekeyTheLost. I think I mentioned this in another post, but I'm considering doing a small series (10-15 episodes or so) in February to just play through what all BM has to offer. Would you have any interest in assembling a custom modpack with BM & some quality of life mods and joining up with me?
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    @ShneekeyTheLost umm can you use chickens for the blood in blood magic 2? Because there is a simple vanilla "mini chicken" or "mini-sheep" or "mini cow farm" might help even make the grind less intensive till you can pull together the resources to make the full zombie spawner or full mob spawn your have.

    While normally these are used to get needed food, the chicken version does produce a lot of mobs slightly faster than mob spawners though not nearly as the same volume regular zombie spawners, villager spawners, cow spawners, etc. They are less resource intensive though, so it might be a way to get early game mob spawner in untill you can make the full version like you posted above.
    Well the volume thing is true unless you stack the chick farms to take up the same amount of size the mob spawner that you have there. I think they are 3 x 4, 3 x 5, or 3 x 6. However, when wired up to a seed farm... things can get a bit laggy really quickly. I crashed my game once using chickens 500 chickens in one chunk before... by leaving myself afk after 6 hours.​
    If your interested in minifarms I can link you to the design.
  4. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    I would love to be able to do a series on Blood Magic with you, but there may be some technical difficulties. I can't use the Curse Launcher because I do not use Windows, and don't care to either... creatively edit their base executables to use the proper resources... or try to get it to run in WINE. I personally use the ATLauncher exclusively (except for MultiMC), and I believe you've reported problems with that launcher.

    ShneekeyCraft is a mod pack with fewer than 50 mods in it, and the lowest number of mods in any pack I've seen for 1.10.2. If you can get the ATLauncher to work, we can use that. Because it is a public pack, anyone can download and use the proper version without needing silly codes or anything.

    If you want to talk details, hit me up in PM's and we can continue the discussion.
    Passive mobs produce almost no LP per hit. It was done intentionally to avoid just such things, I believe.
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    You can also use a vanilla dark room as a mob spawner in case you haven't gotten to the auto spawner tech yet in the other mods.

    Though IIRC you need the mobs to be at full health at the killing station for maximal LP generation.
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    Very nice Shneekey! :) Super useful, thank you!

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