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Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by 123zane321, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. 123zane321

    123zane321 Guest

    Summary of the problem Blood Magic death - no grave

    Pack Version 1.2.1

    What is the bug? Dying to Blood Magic doesn't give m a gravestone

    Mod & Version Gravestone - 1.5.12
    Blood Magic - 2.1.7-76

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes - by dying to Blood Magic

    Known Fix None
  2. Happened to me yesterday. same issue same mod files.
  3. So what do you do when you die to this bug and have fully upgraded draconic armor and a fully upgraded staff of power... give up???
  4. Nosmeister

    Nosmeister New Member

    Same deal. Rather, I did get a gravestone, but it was empty when I broke it to retrieve my items. Happened using the glass sacrificial dagger standing directly adjacent to my altar.
  5. Sola

    Sola Guest

    Happened to me when in SF3 already, lol
  6. FangzWuff

    FangzWuff New Member

    I had this happen too, glass dagger, on top of altar. No grave, draconic gear.. ended up making another set . couldnt find a fix... then blew up the altar.. fuck that shit
  7. Ferindor

    Ferindor Guest

    Happened to me as well. Luckily I am the server admin so I just consulted with the other players and restored a backup world from 2hrs before.
  8. Zodarr

    Zodarr Guest

    Same with glass dagger. Died adjacent of altar, there was a gravestone, but it was empty.
    Blood Magic ver. 2.1.11-80
    Gravestone ver. 1.5.13
  9. Very same thing happened to me earlier tonight. Got too friendly with the Glass Dagger, died, and my subsequent gravestone dropped none of my items.

    EDIT: Normal Blood Magic sacrificial dagger does not do this. Only the Blood Arsenal Glass Dagger does this, for me.

    FTB Beyond, 1.11.0, latest versions of Blood Magic, Blood Arsenal, Gravestone, whatever those are as of this post.

    I'd be more inclined to give more detailed information but this apparently has been an issue for a year, across multiple versions.

    Glass Dagger of (self) Sacrifice is severely bugged and ought to be disabled until (if?) this is fixed. Luckily, I always play with cheats enabled because I expect stuff like this. I can't imagine the frustration playing on a server and permanently losing end-game items because of this. I'd probably just give up on that game. It's all the more obnoxious because the Bleeding effect, at random intervals, deals a random amount of damage - combined with losing all your stuff, it's almost a slap in the face.

    The only proper bug report I've seen of this is a year old and closed. Something should be done about this, finally, please.

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