Blood and Bones is not in my ftb launcher??

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Title Blood and Bones is not in my ftb launcher??

Launcher Type FTB Launcher

Modpack bloodnbones

Modpack version 1.6.4

Have you modified the pack? No

Link to log file

Details of the issue i go to 3rd party packs to play blood and bones and it is not in there. I also have checked ftb modpacks. Can someone please help me!
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Jun 14, 2020
What is the code? The link cannot be entered anymore
Click the link, then in the middle of the screen it will have the classic launcher download that, if it isn't downloading look to the very right of the search bar and allow feed-the-beast to always download.

Then when the launcher is open at the top right it has an option Pack Codes enter: bloodnbones
code is case sensitive

When you launch blood n bones make sure your offline first.
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