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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Aarchel, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Aarchel

    Aarchel New Member

    I've poked around the forums a bit and used the search function, but I still haven't found an answer to my query. I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere.

    Is there a range of Block/Item ID's that is exempt from FTB? That is to say ID's that will never be used by any/all FTB modpacks. I ask this because as an Admin for a server there are mods we would like to add to our server, but we don't want to run into conflicts down the road with possibly world breaking implications. As it stands, we have disabled/removed a couple of mods we don't want, so we have a few ID's that we can be fairly sure will be fine for the future. However, there will likely be a greater need for ID's that don't conflict down the road than we will be able to recycle from disabled/removed mods.
  2. Aarchel

    Aarchel New Member

    I guess no one can answer this.
  3. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    The ID's are not stable yet, if you can call it that. untill the ultimate pack and the full Pack A is released there will possibly be ID changes. As soon as it is all done you can look into this question even more.
  4. LimpLungs

    LimpLungs New Member

    I have this sort of the same question, so to avoid making another topic, i'm posting in here. I want to know some item ids/block ids that arent used like say anything higher than 500 for blocks or something. I ask this because I am currently working on a mod and want to implement it into my ftb modpack but have errors from block id conflicts etc. I just want a rough estimate that is a for sure range that no one has tapped into yet. Help would be appreciated.
  5. Minethulhu

    Minethulhu Active Member

    Was thinking about this myself just now.

    Suggestion would be for the FTB Team:

    Set aside a range of block/item IDs that will *ONLY* be used by players that manually install/configure mods not in the FTB pack.


    1) Players can experiment with mods knowing that the block/item IDs they are choosing won't currently or in the future overlap with pack updates or new packs.
    2) Players can elect to use mods that FTB Team has decided won't ever appear in FTB knowing that their worlds will be safe from block/item ID issues in the future.
    3) FTB Team may see reduced requests for private packs (since the above are amongst the advantages of a private pack).

    NOTE: I realize different mods have different number of block/item IDs consumed. I'd have to leave it up to the FTB Team to decide what is a good compromise to allow player flexibility for several outside of the pack mods without limiting the FTB pack itself from having enough block/item IDs for the future.

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