Blindwolves: Runescape Gods Exposed is brought to you by the general store. [SIGNUPS] [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Robijnvogel, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Robijnvogel

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    Everyone knows that werewolves are actually just normal people who turn into some kind of huge wolves at night who hunt down a person at night to feed on his intestines, who do not remember what they did at night when they wake up in the morning, but from the looks of it, can tell that they are responsible for whatever onslaught happened under the light of the full moon, people who feel super guilty, but hide their nocturnal nature just because they don't want to die themselves.
    Something that only few people know, however, is that there are people who just sleepwalk and wake up dead-tired, thinking they must be one of the werewolves, but actually aren't.

    This is the signup thread for the next werewolves game.
    If you have read the rolesheet and want to play, react to this thread using a boldfaced "in".
    Just a heads-up: Even if you don't actually play, you may still have a role in the story of this game.

    Game will start in two or three days I guess. We'll need at least 12 players.

    Players: (Signups are closed)
    11. Nojr
    9. Letho, you really don't know how to boldface, do you?
    8. No Bigd, you can no... how did you end up in this list? And you should be at the bottom. WTH? Died of weirdysms.
    7. Erin
    5. Fowl
    3. SE37
    1. RJS
    2. Realzzzz
    4. Profrags
    6. Pyure
    10. Goreae
    12. Vikes
    666. Shaz

    Subs: (signups still open)
    13. ReturnofMCH

    This thread will be edited to contain more information in approximately just now.
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  2. RJS

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  3. RealKC

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    I haven't areas the rolsheet yet, but in
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  4. Someone Else 37

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    <insert in puns here>
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  11. profrags

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  12. fowltief

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    this looks Interesting...
  13. Robijnvogel

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    I updated the OP a little bit. :)

    Yes, that is the sheet.
    I did not change the name. The "barebones skeleton" part of the thread title is just because the OP of this thread is not complete yet.

    And thank you for the ping. :D
  14. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I'm in
  15. erindalc

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    I literally just typed "in" inside brackets and I thought that would work.
  16. Bigdbigd03

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  17. Lethosos

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    In. You know it.

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  18. Shazam08

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    What kind of demon possessed your player list, Rob? :p

    I'm on a tighter schedule this week. I'll join if you need players, but I might have problems with activity.
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  19. goreae

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    I'm in.
  20. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    If we get at least one more player, I'd hope to start the game tomorrow, Wednesday 08-03 after 20:00 CEST.

    Or should I wait a little longer?
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