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Blast resistant blocks

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by netmc, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. netmc

    netmc New Member

    I am playing the mindcrack mod pack along with a few other mods including Mo' Creatures. (twlight forest and mystcraft as well.)

    I am having issues with the bloody ogres destroying anything that is on the surface when they get near and start their block destroying attack.

    Short of obsidian, CF blocks, reinforced stone/glass, and basalt, are there any other blocks that have some blast resistance and won't be destroyed by creepers or ogres?
  2. CrafterOfMines57

    CrafterOfMines57 New Member

    Iridium Reinforced Stone is the strongest stuff there is (except for maybe the Thaumcraft Reinforced Stone), it can survive a direct blast from a Nuke.

    EDIT: 4 Nukes.

    EDIT2: 6 Nukes all set off simultaneously.
  3. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak New Member

    xycraft blocks are supposed to be blast resistant
  4. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    Hardened glass is really blast resistant and is cheap, just 1 piece of obsidian dust + 1 pulverised lead. It can survive any number of tnt, and a 2-thick wall will stop a nuke. Haven't tested a reactor yet, but a 3-thick wall should suffice.

    EDIT: Just tested a reactor full of quad-plutonium cells, only needed 2-thick hardened glass to stop it. Kinda OP considereing how cheap it is, but I think i'll use it anyway :p
  5. Mikey_R

    Mikey_R New Member

    I don't know if they will stop a blast, but redstone energy conduits are very resistant to being blown up (at least in the Beta, I don't know if it's changed). When my friend reset his server, we nukes the old map and the only thing left of my base were the redstone conduits.
  6. MushroomDynamo

    MushroomDynamo New Member

    Last I checked, oil (yes, oil) is blast-resistant to an absolutely silly extent--it faces down nuclear bombs without even shattering the glass tank I encased it in. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is that it derives its blast resistance from vanilla Minecraft water. Modded water, however, is much less blast resistant because Alblaka changed the blast resistances of obsidian and water so reinforced stone blocks made sense.

    Of course, coating your entire house in oil is a tad ugly and somewhat impractical, but unless it was fixed (I haven't played Minecraft lately) it works wonders.
  7. wolvyn

    wolvyn New Member

    concreate(sp) can handle a creeper blast right ontop of it, and can also handle a combustion enginee blowing up without tanking a scratch
  8. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 New Member

    You silly silly people, if your wanting to protect from an ogre, just use Basalt, it can resist a blast from tnt fairly well. So I would use that

    EDIT: Oh wait... No basalt..... Never mind then X_X
  9. Zaik

    Zaik New Member

    I don't remember if mindcrack had ee3 in it or not, if it did you could just set up a three high wall of obsidian around anything you wanted to protect, it's pretty cheap(2 wood = 1 obsidian)
  10. CrafterOfMines57

    CrafterOfMines57 New Member

    IC2 nerfed obsidian's explosive resistance.
  11. FelixJ20000

    FelixJ20000 New Member

    test, Test, TEST
  12. netmc

    netmc New Member

    I have ee3 in my pack, so that's an option, but honestly with the igneous extruder from TE, it far easier to just set to obsidian and come back later to a chest full of the stuff.

    Even with the nerf from IC2, obsidian is still explosion resistant enough to stave off ogre attacks. Ogres destroy any normal blocks, except for ores, in a 2 block wide circle around them when they do their attack. But creepers will destroy ore blocks, so I don't want to use them either.

    I forgot entirely about the concrete from railcraft. I will have to try that out. and if xycraft blocks are blast resistant that would be a cool option for adding in some color to the whole thing.

    I don't need to protect against a nuke, just ogres and creepers, so any block that doesn't get destroyed by a tnt explosion is fair game.

    Thanks for all your help. There are a lot more explosion resistant blocks than what I thought.
  13. netmc

    netmc New Member

    LOL. I hadn't thought of that. I have a jetpack now, so that does make it quite a bit easier.
  14. Malkuth

    Malkuth New Member

    Modular force fields are your friend...

    I remember those orges from my Technic days.. Man they were a pain in the ass... Can't list how many times they destroyed my houses.

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