Problem Black hole unit/controller and storage bus problem



Summary of the problem Black hole unit/controller and storage bus problem

Pack Version 1.7.0

What is the bug? Transferring items from a storage cell in to the storage system using an IO Port splits the items between the my storage bus and storage cells in ME Drives. The storage bus is hooked up to a black hole controller with a black hole unit in it. The priority on the storage bus is set to 1000, and the priority on all the ME Drives are at 0. Taking the black hole unit out of the black hole controller and hooking that up instead did not help. Hooking up a resonant cache on the other hand did. This was actually in pack version 1.7.1, but that wasn't an option

Mod & Version Applied energistics 2 - ver. rv5-stable-5
Industrial foregoing - ver. 1.6.6
Thermal expansion - ver.

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Is it repeatable?

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I tried with and without speed upgrades, and it's a dedicated server I'm running off my second PC. I guess you can say it's LAN for me since I'm in the same house, but it's the same for my friends who play on the server


FTB Pack Developer
Feb 27, 2014
United Kingdom
Hm. Okay. From the testing I did in Singleplayer, removing speed upgrades fixes the problem completely. However, because there's latency when playing on a server even locally it could be why it has issues. I will do my best to report the issue to AE2 Developers and hope that they're able to sort it. In the meantime there's not much I can do.