Big reactors not producing energy problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Unium, Sep 5, 2015.

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    So today i decided to initiate on big reactors and i just built one. After the multiblock was done i putted Yellorium ingots inside and turned one the reactor just to see if it works. It did, in 30 secongs gave me 100k RF to a energy cell i connected before.

    Then i proceed to see what kind of collant i could place inside. I checked a few videos in YT and decided to melt redstone and put it directly inside the reactor. Meanwhile i putted more 4 fuel rods and cover the whole thing with destabilized redstone.

    After all the work was done i proceed to turn the reactor back on..... it turns on, but only produces heat, no energy. i connected collant through the liquid coolant connector thingy, and another to the heated liquid... still nothing. Removed all the liquid redstone, still nothing...

    At this point i built a whole new reactor, and no energy. Is it a bug?

    Fuel rods are at 0% insersion... i can't figure what i am doing wrong.

    Plz halp!
  2. EconBrony

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    The coolant just gets manually put in by bucket on the inside. Did you unintentionally turn this into a passively cooled reactor? If so, you switched it into making steam instead of RF
  3. Ahrmin_Arxtrema

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    You shouldn't attach a Coolant Port unless you intend to use Active Cooling on the reactor. That automatically disables RF generation and thinks you intend to use the reactor to heat water to make steam and use a turbine.

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