Better Than Feed The Beast? 169 Mods!

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by HyperionXL, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. HyperionXL

    HyperionXL New Member

    I'm livestreaming my SSP playthrough of my own private SSP mod pack. It's got all the ones you know and like from FTB Ultimate and Technic/Tekkit, plus some more you might not know about yet. Come help support me and my stream.

    I'll be doing weekly Minecraft/game giveaways when certain checkpoints are met, so make sure to hit that follow button for updates when that'll be happening!

  2. mathjazz

    mathjazz New Member

    Better than FTB? We'll have to see.
  3. HyperionXL

    HyperionXL New Member

    Hehe. Just starting out today, so not a whole lot to work with but def. some cool mods installed for me to play with.
  4. zedkar

    zedkar New Member

    I just watched [MODDED MC] Day 1 - Better Than FTB/Technic - SSP. One suggestion, lower the sound of your music.

    All the best o/
  5. HyperionXL

    HyperionXL New Member

    Yeah I'm working on changing around my sound system. I use a second PC to stream so getting the sound perfect over there is the hard part.
  6. HyperionXL

    HyperionXL New Member

  7. HyperionXL

    HyperionXL New Member

    Back to streaming! I'll be giving away a free minecraft code when I can get 20 concurrent viewers, so pop on by, shoot out a tweet, all that good stuff. My hotty Asian GF will pop on later today, too. Facecam for that!
  8. MichaelJK8

    MichaelJK8 New Member

    Superior to FTB? We shall ought to discover.

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