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Best way to get lava from nether?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by earthmage7, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. earthmage7

    earthmage7 New Member

    I am thinking about using lava from the nether in thermal generators to make eu. Is there a better way to pump up lava rather than the buildcraft pump?
  2. Hitmaniac

    Hitmaniac New Member

    The best set up would be a build craft pump with a liquid tessaract.
  3. MrJims

    MrJims New Member

    I've heard that pumping lava can be laggy and there was a post where someone had an issue with chunk loaders not working, something to do with lava source blocks outside the chunk loader area.

    I think your best bet maybe to have a little turtle mine netherack and place it into a magma crucible.
  4. dragonhippie

    dragonhippie New Member

    If that is too expensive ( i know that tesseracts consider of to much materials, especially in a new world) i usually go to the nether, find Blazes for the rods, Kill endermen till i get 2 enderpearls, Make 2 ender chests (same Colour code) And then set 1 chest up in the nether, and the other in your Overworld, with a possible Chunk Loader. get a liquid transposer to fill a bucket with lava, and a pump and hook it up to the transposer and make the transposer output the bucket into the chest and make that bucket to be emptied in the overworld machines, or some sort of tank.

    But if you have recent version of Ender Chest (i think ChickenBones mod?) you should have access to Ender Tanks, Which i am using at the moment, all i do is pump lava with a buildcraft Pump and 4 redstone engines to pump the lava, into the tank, then outpput straight into my Xycraft tank in my home at the overworld.

    There is many different ways to transport the lava from the nether, all you need to know is How. :)
    So i gave you my ways of doing it, others may have much easier or more elaborate ways. Hope this helps.
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  5. noskk

    noskk New Member

    I'm thinking of using advanced pump (GT) powered by thermal gens, IIRC it takes the lava as source block (leaving the border of lava like solid blocks), things become more and more un-realistic..
  6. dragonhippie

    dragonhippie New Member

    Even the BC pump takes the lava as the source.
  7. noskk

    noskk New Member

    lava at the border is not flowing like what BC pump does, you can empty an ocean with this thing. The finished product is something like a finished quarry, but instead of cobblestone wall you will see lava wall.
  8. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    BC Pump using Liquiducts, feeding into an Ender Tank. Have a companion Ender Tank back in the overworld feeding into an Iron Tank or Xycraft tank. (shrug) That's what I do.
  9. dragonhippie

    dragonhippie New Member

    Me too. :p
  10. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    The way I set it up, there's only 1 block of liquiduct going from the Pump to the Ender Tank. Then 1 block of liquiduct going from the paired Ender Tank to the Iron / Xycraft Tank. Minimal distance for liquid animation to bog things down. (I have discovered that my computer prefers I do not put viewing windows on my Iron Tanks.. seems to make it perform a bit better.)
  11. smenes

    smenes New Member

    small, simple, fast

  12. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

    Why do you need the conduits there? And uhh... isn't it a bit more efficient to use 4 redstone engines? (they keep a pump at about max speed)
  13. smenes

    smenes New Member

    Pump can use 10MJ/ticks for max speed (so redstone engine are not powerful enough)
    with 2 magmatic engin you have 8MJ/ticks

    and for sure you need to always connect magmatic engin with redstone conduit (for prevent overheat) like that your engine never stop
  14. MadHax

    MadHax New Member

    I have tried to set up a ender tank to bc pump using waterproof pipes but nothing happened i was in nether while my friend was at our place looking to see if tank were responding, has it got to do something with the dial?

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