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Best Tier 6 3- Blood Altar Setup [Which and How many Runes]

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Ethansup2082, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    OK, so I am playing infinity evolved and am looking to have 3 setup's all tier 6 eventually...... and Right now my current setup drops mobs and I kill them with my sword, (the one that gives blood), this works well but is 100% manual, so my plan was a triple altar setup, 1 Dedicated to getting blood, using many layers of cursed earth and well of suffering, but I don't know how many runes I need, also if there's anyway to use like a ritual as well I am up for that, I just need to know how many of each rune, I'm assuming the only 2 I need are Rune of Dislocation and Sacrifice, my other altar I want dedicated to receiving the blood from the main altar to craft, which i assume are Rune of dislocation and speed, and my last one I want dedicated to receiving blood from the main altar, and Filling up my orb.
  2. Lordlundar

    Lordlundar New Member

  3. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

  4. Nedrith

    Nedrith New Member

    A quick note is that those images are 2 years old and I believe before runes of acceleration were created. Runes of acceleration decreases the number of ticks before the altar puts LP into the second tank. by default once per 20 ticks with 19 runes of acceleration it drops it down to 1/tick. 19 runes of acceleration is great addition to any high tier blood altar. After that for the sacrifice altar it's a matter of balancing the runes of sacrifice vs the runes of dislocation which can change depending on the number of mobs you are producing, more mobs = less runes of sacrifice and more dislocation.
  5. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    So whats the best then???
  6. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    From what I gather I think Dislocation is the only one that actually gives you faster transfer. But they sort of cap at 22'ish due to the internal buffer size, and if you want more transfer then you need to add Acceleration or Capacity runes.
  7. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    How is this then? 1st and last layer are Speed or (Orb), and the 2nd and 3rd layer are Dislocation, and the 4th is acceleration

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  8. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    You know, once you have a T6 altar, runes are cheap and easy to automate if you can use ExU without remorse. The number of different factors that come into play for any particular build make me suspect that there is no "best" altar. Simply build it and experiment yourself to find the runes layout that can move LP into and out of tanks as fast as it is generated.
  9. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    Yea, I know, it's just I want to make sure each rune is being efficently put to use thats Why I posted the altar I was thinking about using, But no one has said anything about it
  10. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    As with nearly anything as flexible as the blood altar, there really isn't any universal "best" setup. What works best for you depends entirely on what else you have set up, what you want to do with it, and what resources you have available to you.

    I, personally, prefer to have just one altar, loaded with 20 or so speed runes and a spam of runes of sacrifice, with a cursed earth farm underneath it filling the entire volume of effect of a Well of Suffering, as I'm a bit of a cheapskate and I enjoy the challenge of automating the altar to fill my orb when it's not crafting and take the orb out when it is. I set up one such altar and tuned it so that it could craft a transcendent blood orb in about 30 seconds without running out of LP- the cursed earth and well of suffering generated LP quickly enough that I didn't need capacity runes or external storage.

    If you're adamant about using three separate altars, though, this is how I would set it up.
    1. Start with the Well of Suffering and Cursed Earth farm.
      1. Assemble your Well of Suffering and construct a 21x21x21 box (interior dimensions- it'd be 23x23x23 on the outside) centered on the master ritual stone. Unless I'm misremembering its range, in which case build your box as large as you can such that the well's area of effect still fills it.
      2. Embed a couple of Call of the Zephyr rituals in the walls of the box, so that they can collect item drops from anywhere within. Ideally, you'd have one Call of the Zephyr located in the exact center of the room, but that space is already occupied by the Well of Suffering. Place enderchests atop their master ritual stones and attach a linked enderchest to your sorting system.
      3. Place your first blood altar in the center of the floor- it will be just within range of the ritual (although I do recommend bringing in a chicken or baby zombie to check). Build up the blood runes and pillars around and below it as usual, using 19 acceleration runes, about as many dislocation runes, and a whole bunch of sacrifice runes. Poke holes through the floor where necessary. Cover up the glowstone blocks with some opaque material.
      4. Replace the floor with cursed earth, and build floors of cursed earth every third Y-level above. Bonus points if you have a way to turn it all off- Tinker's Mechworks' Extended Drawbridges work wonders here, when filled with cursed earth and/or glowstone. You may wish to raise the ceiling on the top level if you want to get endermen.
      5. Attach pipes of your choice to the underside of the altar to drain the LP into a tank of some sort. ExtraUtilities drums work well here.
      6. Turn on the cursed earth, wait a minute for the mobs to spawn in, and use your Divination Sigil to see how quickly the altar is being drained. If it spends a significant amount of time completely empty, swap out some of the Dislocation runes for Runes of Sacrifice. If it never gets close to being empty, do the reverse. If it fills completely each time the Well ticks after draining completely between ticks, add some Capacity runes. I believe there's two types of Capacity runes; I don't know what the difference between them is offhand. If your pipes can't keep up, upgrade them. If you don't have access to any faster pipes, reduce the cursed earth spawning area to save on entity lag.
      7. Extra credit: Set up some automation to turn off the cursed earth when your LP tanks are (nearly) full.
    2. Next, set up your crafting altar.
      1. Set it up normally, and connect it to your LP supply. Start with 19 acceleration runes and a bunch of speed and dislocation runes.
      2. Insert an item that is very expensive to infuse. If you've got plenty of spare crystal clusters, use one of those. If not, maybe go for the top-tier slate or something.
      3. If it runs out of LP, replace some of the speed runes with dislocation runes. If it doesn't seem to be using all the LP your pipes are giving it, even on the most expensive infusion recipe shown in NEI, replace some of the dislocation runes with speed runes. If it runs out of LP and your pipes are maxed out (or if you find yourself burning through your stored LP too quickly), try efficiency runes or something. If it repeatedly runs out of LP and then fills back up again while it's crafting, add some capacity runes.
    3. Finally, do the orb-filling altar.
      1. I'd recommend a setup similar to your crafting altar. 19 Acceleration runes and a balance of Speed and Dislocation runes, so that the orb drains LP into your soul network at about the same rate that the altar fills with LP from your pipes.
      2. Runes of the Orb really aren't very helpful (as far as I know) unless you need to perform some action that requires expending a huge amount of LP all at once, such as activating the Convocation of the Damned when all you have is a Tier 5 orb. I don't know of anything that uses anywhere near the amount of LP that the T6 orb makes available to you, although a complex spell with several dozen different fully-upgraded effects might do it.
      3. I *think* that speed runes will increase the rate at which the altar fills your soul network, but I'm not certain. It's probably worth double-checking that.
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  11. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Use one alter and SFM to automate multiple players LP network and autocratic runes at the same time.
  12. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

  13. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    • What you need:
      • X1 tier 6 alter with:
        • X8 speed
        • 500k alter capacity
        • Sacrifice runes
      • Per player:
        • Tier one alter
        • Comparator
        • Block updater (Redstone clocks work)
        • Two Top tier orbs
    • Set your main alter to mass produced LP
    • Set each player alter with their orb, a Comparator off the alter, and individual storage for the other orb
    • Use SFM to monitor the players orbs, placing them in the alter when Redstone level Is below 4, answer put it back into storage when 14 plus.
    • Set emergency mode for orbs that fall below 2 Redstone level.
    • Set main alter to craft slates when no orb in the alter.
    • Turn off mob spanners when all slates are over 32 stacks, and all blood orbs are not refilling.

    I've been able to have 3 active makes and about 8 more casual mages on the same alter this way.
  14. Ethansup2082

    Ethansup2082 New Member

    The only player is me, and I want 3 altars because I have all the resources

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