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Best single player mod pack?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by phazon76, Feb 22, 2013.


Best single player experience?

Poll closed Mar 8, 2013.
  1. Direwolf20

  2. Mindcrack

  3. Tech World

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  4. Voltz

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  1. phazon76

    phazon76 New Member

    Hi. I'm sorta new to feed the beast(played for about a week) and i absolutely love it. I'm just wondering which mod pack gives the best single player experience. I'm more into tech mods so i was thinking of the obvious tech world mod pack. Just wish it has traincraft (love the oil ores) and extra bees like mindcrack.

    Also, is gregtech recommended for single player? Or without, like direwolf20, since multiple mods use bronze for example and gregtech nerfs it to 2 per 3 copper and 1 tin. I just love the complexity gregtech adds to minecraft. But i also heard it was set to hard mode by the mindcrack server crew, so i am assuming it was set to hard because of multiple players. Or are the settings fine for single player?
  2. mocklaceo444

    mocklaceo444 New Member

    I play the Mindcrack pack with hard mode, everything default. I've had a good 5 months (if I'm remembering correctly) of experience with feed the beast, and I found the Mindcrack pack the most enjoyable because of gregtech, hard mode, and extra bees. I've always been the guy who wants things done 'legit' and I loved the challenge of hard mode gregtech.
  3. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    MindCrack will be harder to "complete". DireWolf20 has mystcraft, and a few other new mods, though. You can manually add them to the MindCrack pack if you'd like, but MindCrack will be harder.

    If you want the difficulty, increase the forestry difficulty setting as well. There was someone that made a "hard" config for the current release in regards to all of the mods, not just GregTech.
  4. Norfgarb

    Norfgarb Well-Known Member

    I find that the direwolf20 pack is great for singleplayer and for testing builds and learning (I don't believe in creative)
    Then i play mindcrack on server cause 1) Hardmode sort of balances out having more people working together 1) The challenge makes getting new stuff feel more rewarding (After the rage subsides :p)

    What i do aside,
    If you like a challenge and feeling really rewarded for completing something Mindcrack
    if you want to learn and test builds and have a good time Direwolf20
  5. phazon76

    phazon76 New Member

    I see. The reason why i was interested in greg tech was because i heard it balances mods like ic2 (people said it was too easy and game breaking). Does it really balance mods or just make it harder for the heck of it?
  6. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    I would say that it balances a lot of things, AND makes stuff a good deal harder. It isn't hard enough that you'll die instantly, but it extends the game by making things take longer, and requiring more difficult ways to get them done.

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