Best Endgame Tinkers' Construct Tools for 1.10.2

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  1. I have been playing modded minecraft for a while and I have been wondering what are the best endgame tools? Help would be much appreciated. Also add what modifiers are on the tools also. I would want sword(prefer longsword), shovel+excavator, pickaxe+hammer, axe+lumberaxe. And make sure you are taking in consideration the changes of Tinkers' "enchantments" for the different toolparts. Like cobalt head has momentum.
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  2. Do you have tool leveling?

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  3. No
  4. Scottly318

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    Personal opinion... best is in the eye of the beholder. With 1.10.2 the built in modifiers make it worth trying all the options or at least think about the combos
  5. Reddis

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    Tinker's Construct has been my favorite mod for a very long time and I must admit, when I first started playing the new version I was very angry that the mod was ruined. After a few days the changes started growing on me and I enjoyed experimenting with the new modifiers. The first thing I discovered was just how OP bronze was. Bronze is cheap and easy to make, mines up to diamond, and once you get a little obsidian, you can even sharpen it to mine obsidian, cobalt, and ardite while STILL repairing the tool with bronze. In the end I came up with the following conclussions:

    Hammer: cobalt, obsidian, ardite, bronze head with obsidian sharpening
    Excavator: Full bronze - do you really use this enough to need fancy modifiers?
    Lumber axe: Full bronze - do you really use this enough to need fancy modifiers?
    Sword: Constantan, electrum, and the 3rd alloy can be nearly anything. Constantan gives you cold/heat damage, electrum gives you electrified modifier, and your 3rd alloy can be paper, cactus, or bone if you want more damage, manyullun if you want the food benefit, one of the durable alloys if you want more durability, and then of course you want to nether quartz that bad boy up. Non paper swords I've gotten up to 13.75 hearts damage plus the constantan and electrum modifiers.

    Now with that said... make yourself a drill from actually additions and forget about hammers and excavators. The drill is super inexpensive to make and at base design, if better than the best TiC hammer you can make. It mines all the way up to cobalt/ardite, with a few speed modifiers mines in 1 hit, can be upgraded to 3x3 and 5x5 mining, uses RF and also mines dirt/gravel/clay along with your stones. I hate to say it but discovering this has nearly trivialized TiC for me =(
  6. I feel like the old combos are still really good for general use. If you ask me, go Iron Man's route and have one or more "general purpose" kits (my preferred would probably be cobalt head, greenslime binding, and paper rod) and then a lot of "specialty" kits (PvP, Nether, End, PvE, Underwater, Day 1, unbreakable, etc)
  7. TheMagikarpGuy

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    For tools, Knightslime is the best rod for general usage, because of the Unnatural trait that speeds the tool up quite a lot, whatever you have at hand works as far as the head goes (I personally use Obsidian, fair stats and dirt cheap to produce with ActAdd Lava Factory), and the for the binding it's Paper or one between Sponge and Magma Wood if special effects are needed.

    Lumber Axes do well with Knightslime rod, Copper tough binding (free xp yay), Cobalt Plate, and whatever you have in abundance for the head; you'll probably want the tool to be as durable as possible.

    Hammers I found to work very well with Knightslime tough rod, and End head (cheap, and Alien has a bigger effect on AOE tools), with w/e plate fits your desires (I went with Sponge and Paper and pumped the Redstone up); remember that, however, Hammers face tough competition from ActAdd drills, so endgame hammers aren't really that useful imho.

    If you want to recycle an Hammer for an Auto Fortune contraption (beware: lag, possible bugs) with a fake player, you'll want to make it undestructible by using this setup of materials: Obsidian Head, Bronze Plate, a random plate (this can be useful if you used a paper plate, but also if you want to run Lavawood to auto-smelt too), and an Ardite tool rod: if the hammer has more than 900 durability (which it should have), the Duritae and Dense trait will combo up and let the tool gain more durability from Petramor than what it loses by mining (won't happen immediately, but it will eventually happen as the tool wears down, don't worry). A similar pickaxe can be made, but idk for what use.

    Shurikens made of End/Manyullyn/Bone/Paper are really strong, and again, End is super cheap. Load with quartz and lapis if you will and forget about mobs that aren't Endermen (I am serious, these are like a baby 1.7 crossbow, bringing ranged and spammy destruction everywhere).

    This really leaves no business to melee weapons if not for Enderman kills: if you want to farm them, use a Scythe with a Manyullyn rod, an End rod (enderference cripples endermen really badly), and whatever you really desire for head and binding; if you instead are looking for something that can bring down them easily, use a Rapier with a cheap blade material, a Paper crossbar, and an End rod, and load if up with Blaze Powder, that deals quite a lot of damage (and that works if you spamclick, killing an Enderman in around a second) and that is not going to annoy you as enderference blocks the poor guys anyway.

    Bows I found rather underwhelming, and I think you're better off looking for an alternative for these.
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  8. Khellendros

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    Knightslime tools are very useful, it's very cheap, just purple slime ball, iron, and stone. And if you use knightslime to make tool's head, it can break dirt and wood very quickly, even it is a pickaxe! So that you can just take a single pickaxe in your inventory without any axe or shovel. And the speed of knightslime axe and shovel is ridiculouse that just as the speed in creative mode(with out any speed upgrade)!
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  9. APEX_gaming

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    copper/mending moss combo is an incredible asset to your tools, copper generates more exp while mining and even gives 9t from simple blocks such as dirt or stone, and the mending moss turns that exp into durability

    also, don't forget about embossment, if I recall correctly, it basically allows you to have 2 tool parts pf the same type. oh wait, almost forgot, YT exists
  10. APEX_gaming

    APEX_gaming Active Member

    oh, and if you don't want to deal with torches or other sources of light, an eye of ender and 2 glowstone will add the "glowing" modifier which makes the tool place a light source if it gets to dark at the cost of durability
  11. MLGSnail500

    MLGSnail500 Guest

    Well, if Matter Overdrive is installed, Tritanium is better for the plates. Better reinforcement, more durability, and a ton cheaper.
  12. GamerwithnoGame

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    Finally got round to watching this (MoM is great) - holy frijoles! Embossment really takes the different design idea in TiCon2 to its logical conclusion, doesn't it? The idea being that there is no one endgame tool answer - all materials are viable, because there are equalising factors in terms of mining level (sharpening kits) and now material trait (embossment).
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  13. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    thanks for pointing this out. Great walkthrough, I'd been curious about what embossment was really about.
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  14. Nuclear_Creeper0

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    Best tool= Copper Handle+Mending Moss
  15. GamerwithnoGame

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    Now that's interesting - I tend to go with copper for something like the binding, as you still get the XP generation, but it means you can have some other useful property on the handle.
  16. Nuclear_Creeper0

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    It can be either but I've found the Binding can give more durability than the Handle, the Well-Established I really doesn't drop enough XP to full keep the tool repaired but, more durability is still even more mining time.
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