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Bee query: Acclimatizer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by draymonite, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. draymonite

    draymonite Active Member

    I have set up my base on a multiplayer server in a redwood forest where it is Normal Temp / Damp humidity.So I placed my meadow, forest and Valiant queens through a Acclimatizer till they can be acclimatized no further.

    My problem is the Acclimatization on seems to stick for 1 to 2 cycles through the apiary. is this correct?

    I acclimatize the queens then place only the queen in the hives so the drones that come out should have the same settings. correct?
  2. Methusalem

    Methusalem Well-Known Member

    You need to use it on the Princess and Drone separately.

    Give them both the same property (like Temp Tolerance Both 2) and it will stick.
  3. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla Active Member

    Bit more in depth: get a beealyzer and some honey, analyze the sets of bees you will use (drones and princess) then check the traits you are modifying - say they both have normal temp with 0 tolerance. Put them in until they both have up 1 or whatever you need - and check both sets of traits on both bees. If they all have the exact same trait and you keep using that set of bees and its descendants, it will never change. Otherwise, there is a chance it can change.
  4. Taiine

    Taiine Well-Known Member

    That or if it becomes to much of a pain in the neck, (like how I found that dumb machine to be... freaking 2 stacks of water cells to change one tolorance.. bah!) if you're by a lake/river/beach/ocean then build out over that and set your bees there. They all count as normal/normal and most bees will work in that.
    That's what I had to do when I settled in a green hills island where only water bees seemed to work.

    An alt and harder methood would be to learn to hybrid your bees to get the tolorance of one bee over to another.

    I was hybriding most of my bees with water princesses and got most of my prinsesses the proper tolorance, then just became a matter of puring them so the drones stacked. Took a few gens, but chocolet frames sped it up.
  5. Darknesschaos

    Darknesschaos Active Member

    Honestly, it is just easier to find the applicable biome and doing the breeding there. Transportation is quick and easy in FTB.
  6. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Assuming you have access to advanced genetic machines, then simply acclimatising to 5+/- resistances on everything on 1 pair of bees, the species doesn't matter, but a rocky bee may be a good one to try as they have naturally high resistances, comparitavely.
    Basically, 1 identical princess and drone with max tolerances, run them through an apiary for a while till you get an excess if drones, then run these drones through an isolator, till you get the resistances serums. Apply these to any bees you wish to let them work anywhere, except perhaps extreme cases such as Wintry bees in the nether etc.

    Though finding a normal/normal biome will be easier for general breathing, these tolerances will let you take the finished bees back to let them run at your normal base.

    Do note oceans, beaches and rivers are normal/normal.
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  7. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    a +5/-5 temp tolerance, and +2/-2 humidity tolerance allow any bee work anywhere. so this serums should be a priority to get, or at least something close :)
  8. Methusalem

    Methusalem Well-Known Member

    +/- 3 Temp Tolerance is the highest you can get, found on Doctoral Bees. Which is enough to have any bee (including Hellish) be able to work in a normal environment.
  9. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    It should, but the nether is a very odd place.
    It has the same Stats as desert regarding temp and humidity percentages, but is "Hellish" instead of "Hot".
    Cold Cool normal Warm Hot HELLISH

    And depending on the version, this has left Wintry only sometimes working in hellish, and sometimes not.
    Yes that +5 by that scale does meet both ends, but it can be odd.

    Damp Normal Arid

    I think hellish is sometimes at the end of that scale, and sometimes now, so that could actually be where problems arise - Marshy in Hell, not wintry.

    Though, +/- 3 changes things again.
    But I think the acclimatiser only actually goes up to +/- 2 when dealing with Humidity.
  10. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    +/- 3 is highest you can find on bees naturally.
    acclimatiser allows you to create bee with +/-5 temp. tolerance, that will be carried to next generation, allowing you to isolate it.
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  11. Methusalem

    Methusalem Well-Known Member

    Not to question this (I've been wrong fairly often :)), but do you have a screenie or something of this serum? I didn't see it in NEI and also had an Acclimatizer running for some hours and was still only getting +/- 3.
  12. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    sadly, i dont have such screenshot. i did get this serum from ender bees using lava cans back in ultimate 1.0.1.(1.4.7) so it is possible that such is not possible already.

    but since acclimatiser i supposed to allow any bee to exist in any biome, it`d make sense for such tolerance to exist.
  13. eric167

    eric167 Well-Known Member

    i am getting to hate the acclimatizer.
    chews through tons of sand/water/blazepowder/ice for one trait change. and i got 10 steps to go (T:U3/H:D1 to B5/B2)
    im doing this with a stack of 10 wintery drones that came out of the alveary im using to generate DNA. 4x fertility is awsome.
  14. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    once you get your serums for temp. and humidity and enough liquid DNA, the acclimatiser becomes obsolete. however its one of those steps that your`re likely to take if you want to breed bees outside of normal/normal biome, like i did in savanna(hot/arid).
  15. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla Active Member

    If you get a magma crucible and glacial precipitator it's not that big of deal if it chews through ice or lava, you can get a lot easily
  16. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    true, but serums still make acclimatiser obsolete, in the long run.
  17. draymonite

    draymonite Active Member

    Thank you to all who responded


    To Darknesschaos on the server i am playing on i have built up for the last month and a half setting up an industrial base the bees were an afterthought. With no filler or portal guns (banned item on server) i do not find the concept of moving my base too appealing

    To natnif36 i was trying to build up to the advanced machines without having to trade at a server shop legitimately by breeding the start bees that is why i asked if i was doing it incorrectly

    Since then i have managed to build up my bees to the point where the tolerances seem to be sticking now that i am acclimatizing the princesses and drones not just the queens
  18. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Active Member

    I know this sounds kinda dumb, but I've gone through probably 10-15 blaze powder and the the bee hasn't adjusted to its warm, arid environment. How many tries does it take with the acclimatizer?
  19. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Active Member

    I know this sounds kinda dumb, but I've gone through probably 10-15 blaze powder and the the bee hasn't adjusted to its warm, arid environment. How many tries does it take with the acclimatizer?
  20. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    It can take a VERY long time. I once went through 19 stacks of lava cells to get heat tolerance +5

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