Bee Paradise! v0.23alpha, Ultimate Pack v1.0.1

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  1. ezendiba

    ezendiba New Member

    Is there a way to get obsidian more early in game btw? Or do you have to make that aswell by bee? :p
  2. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member

    I actually don't know. I got lucky in both maps traveling around to other villages and got ten obsidian that way. The nether bees make simmering combs that produce phosphor. If you squeeze phosphor and sand/dirt/cobble, you get a bucket of lava. Depending on which branch of bees you chose to start with, lava could be either easy or hard. I hear that fiendish bees are the fastest at making simmering combs.

    By the way, what do you do with all the beeswax you collect? I turn what I can into capsules.

    For your previous post, your english is just fine.

    I didn't even think to use the IC2 crops for weeds. You are brilliant. Thank you. I've switched to easy mode twice to get bones that way to get flax. I did discover something though.
    Although it is buggy, the minium stone transmutes saplings. So if you've a minium stone and birch saplings, you've got jungle. Oak to spruce, spruce to birch.
    Perhaps its the fact that I put my wood res into making barrels and project tables to get frame production up while trying to get flax. Once you've got a squeezer and carpenter and capsules, you can make impregnated frames.
    If a new map version for 1.1.2 comes out, I will definitely try out the crops.
    Did you try to chop down those legend oaks that are scattered about the map?
  3. ezendiba

    ezendiba New Member

    Hehe I did try to chop them down yeah.... but it takes a lot of time lol. They are HUGE! But how does the minium stone transmute work? never done anything with that...
  4. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member

    I had to do a bit of reading, and 'update' my equivelent exchange 3 mod, because it wasn't crafting. You put the stone and the sapling in the crafting grid. And you keep transmuting until you get the sapling you want.
  5. tigin88

    tigin88 New Member

    I was looking at the purifier and had no idea how to get ghast tears.I was hoping to learn how without creating a portal.
  6. Wallo

    Wallo New Member

    one of the bees from thaumic bees spawns ghasts, its the ghastly bee from the skulking bee branch
  7. tigin88

    tigin88 New Member

  8. wer6

    wer6 New Member

    Just started playing this map, right now im figuring out how to make my bees more productive,Really new to bees, I am at cultivated bees, I also am thinking about breeding A water and stone bee, Will that make A lapis lazuli bee?
  9. EvaTEM

    EvaTEM New Member

    Goal suggestions!
    • Make a video
    • Make an acting video
    • Re-enact your fav story
  10. Souldrake

    Souldrake Guest

    Before I even attempt, and I don't mean to sound bad or that, but do your quests actually teach people how to use and breed bees, because a lot of the packs I try with bees-- though they sound interesting don't really help me learn how you're supposed to actually make meaningful progress in it =/
  11. ezendiba

    ezendiba New Member

    There is no real questbook or something in this pack. Just a set of goals that you can achieve. So no. this pack wont teach you how to make a meaningful progress in it. BUT: there are some awesome video's on youtube. Like That is a mini series about bees.. and will teach you all the basics that you need to know. Altho the automation is a bit outdated. The genetics and the crossbreeding remains the same. It actually explains how to start and how to get further with bees and how you can crossbreed to get new bees :). And if you have any questions, just ask, maybe i can help aswell. Im quite far with the breeding process :)

    And this pack really really challenge you to get/make everything with bee products :D I love it. Although i would really like a 1.7.10 version of the bee paradise.

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