Automatic Redstone Energy Cell/Tesseract Machine

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Endgamer013, May 12, 2013.

  1. Endgamer013

    Endgamer013 New Member

    I have created a completely automatic factory for the above said.(Only truely automatic if you have gregtech installed[for UU to silver, lead, and electrum]) It's not very compact, but it looks more asthetic.

    World downlaod(change player.dat to your playername to access the warded doors and pressure plates)

    The view from above
    The Ordering Room
    The Item Counter
    The core, includes the Mass Fabs for UU

    Outside view of the Scrap and UU production Module

    The UU Crafting System

    The Item Processing Plant

    How much energy the whole system takes up.

    Overall for power, there is ~80 HV Solars (not nessesary, just makes everything faster, 2-3 would probably work perfectly)
  2. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    Cool, could you put a world download in? I'd like to take a look and see how it works/get some ideas for my projects. I use tesseracts a lot, so this could possibly be very useful for me.
  3. Endgamer013

    Endgamer013 New Member

    Sure! Just keep in mind that it is still a work in progress, and it may lag a little, I need to improve the way scrap is produced. I'll post the download on the OP a little later tonight.
  4. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    Ok, thanks!
  5. Endgamer013

    Endgamer013 New Member

    ok, world download should be up. :)
  6. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    What modpack is this in?
  7. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    In ultimate at least it doesn't seem to work. I order a tesseract and it just sits there doing nothing. I know it takes time, but it was taking really long, and I eventually gave up
  8. Endgamer013

    Endgamer013 New Member

    What was it getting stuck on? There is a crafting terminal, that says what it's crafting.
  9. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    I don't quite get it: I think pretty much everyone with an advanced base set up AE to autocraft tesseracts and cells. The only difference here is that you use UU matter generated from solars correct?

    Also: the responsiveness of the system would probably be better if, instead if using interfaces, you just keep a stock of liquid redstone /ender and filled cell / tess in the system. This way crafting a new one is instant. In my system I keep a stock of 10 filled cell and tess frames at all time.
  10. Endgamer013

    Endgamer013 New Member

    That would be the plan normally. This is just a creative build to show that it works. And also, I didn't find a seperate thread about this, I just improved upon what Direwolf20 did in his SSP LP.[DOUBLEPOST=1368564114][/DOUBLEPOST]
    This is in the Direwolf20 pack(1.4.7)

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