Open Auto Hammer showing as FE



Summary of the problem Auto Hammer showing as FE

Pack Version 3.0.9

What is the bug? Alright so I am not sure what is happening but when I build the Auto Hammer or the Auto sieve from Ex Compressum all it shows me is FE for the power requirements. Not RF so nothing seems to give power and that makes it very tough to start the automation process.

Mod & Version SkyFactory 3 versions 3.0.12

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? I just installed it and this happens every time I start.

Known Fix


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Jul 29, 2019
FE is just another measure of energy in SF3. Pumping RF into it will still power it.

I.e. the Imperial system and Metric system are completely different units of measurement, but they still measure the same thing. This is the same with RF/FE - use a conduit or put a generator next to the auto hammer to push power into the device, and it will work.